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Jamaica: Angry crowd chases man wearing lipstick Print E-mail
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Written by Daily News Xtra   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 10:31


Jamaica: Angry crowd chases man wearing lipstick into store

Hundreds of onlookers gathered as word of incident spread

A man who was reportedly applying lipstick in public angered passersby in May Pen, Clarendon, a parish near Jamaica’s south coast. 

According to the TV Jamaica report, the man was chased into a store, where he stayed for more than an hour while a large crowd gathered in the carpark after word of the incident spread. Store staff called the police, who arrived on the scene, tried to control the crowd, and eventually escorted the man into a car that was immediately surrounded by the surging crowd as it was driven away. 

In the video, people can be seen with mobile phones at the ready — some standing on cars and other objects — to try to take a photograph of the man as he emerged from the store.

TV Jamaica reports that many of the people in the crowd, chanting that they wanted to see him, expressed disgust that the man had been wearing lipstick, one spectator saying the town doesn’t welcome men who do that, while a woman called for the man to be “sent” on his way.


Sam Kutesa Elected President of U.N Print E-mail
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Written by Alexander Thatcher | FUSE Editor   
Tuesday, 17 June 2014 10:10


Sam Kutesa, Behind Uganda’s Anti-Gay Law Imprisoning Gay People FOR LIFE, has been elected President of U.N General Assembly.

Outgoing Labour MEP Michael Cashman has condemned the appointment of Uganda’s Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa as the next President of the United Nations General Assembly.

Mr Cashman, who stands down from the European Parliament early next month, has called on the UK Government to block the appointment because of Mr Kutesa’s support for Uganda’s anti-gay laws.

“As a cabinet member and supporter of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, which was signed by the Ugandan President four months ago, Mr Kutesa bears direct responsibility for this law and the rampant homophobia in Ugandan society,” Mr Cashman said in a statement.

“Placing Mr Kutesa in such a prominent position is an insult to the founding values and principles of the United Nations *(THAT I BELIEVE ARE A COMPLETE FRAUD I believe the UN is nothing more than a front for the New World Order Puppeteers). I cannot imagine the United Nations will continue its sterling work as the guardian of our human rights, including of LGBTI people, with an outspoken homophobe at one of the top positions,” he added.

Despite widespread criticism by human rights campaigners, Mr Kutesa is due to become president of the global parliamentary forum on Wednesday 11 June. *(Further proving the UN is not the Human rights and Unifying force they claim more of a farce).

Mr Cashman has called on Prime Minister David Cameron to block the appointment. He said: “I urge David Cameron to speak out against his nomination and to use all tools at his disposal to prevent it.

“If his government is consistent and serious about human rights, it cannot remain silent and tacitly endorse his inauguration which would make a joke of the work we have all been doing against homophobia which still today kills and ruins lives”.

Last week, Mr Kutesa rejected criticism of his record. He previously claimed that the majority of Africans “abhor” homosexuality.

A Ugandan law further criminalising same-sex sexual activity, allowing repeat offenders to be sentenced to 14 years in prison, was given presidential approval in February. In its earlier years the bill advocated death penalty and this was also supported by Sam Kutesa and that seems to be being overlooked by the media.


Brave transgender teen Print E-mail
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Written by Daily Male UK   
Sunday, 15 June 2014 06:30

'I feel like I actually exist now': Brave transgender teen wears a dress to school for the first time ever... after 16 years of being a boy

  • Mia Pike officially changed her name at Melbourne high school last week after 16 years as 'Brendan'
  • 17-year-old realised just over a year ago she was born the wrong gender
  • Teen admits transition wasn't easy and she 'felt like dying' for 12 months
  • Her mum says Mia wouldn't have coped if it weren't for school's support

A transgender teenager who wore a dress to her Melbourne high school for the first time after 16 years as a boy says she finally feels like she exists after she 'felt like dying'.

Mia Pike, 17, was raised as a boy named Brendan but realised just over a year ago she was born the wrong gender. Her mother was so concerned by the troubled teen's mental state before the transition she revealed: 'I don't think Brendan would have made it to year 12'.

She wore a dress to Carrum Downs Secondary College, south-east of Melbourne, for the first time on Monday and officially changed her name at the school last week.


Her school, Carrum Downs Secondary College, has implemented a number of practices to make Mia's transition easier including education for students and staff, according to principal Sherrallin Smith.

'We also built a group of students around her who support her in the school yard,' Ms Smith told The Project.

The 17-year-old said she 'didn't know about transgender people' until she attended Peninsula Pride meeting in May last year - a support group run by Queer Straight Alliance. Since then, her support network has only grown. Her sister Meliza, 14, came out as a lesbian around the same time Mia revealed was actually a girl.

'Of course I'm so proud of my sister,' Meliza said.

the the full sotry at:

US: Medicare ordered to cover gender confirmation surgery for trans people Print E-mail
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Written by PINK NEWS UK   
Sunday, 01 June 2014 07:35

USA-medicareTrans people on Medicare can now apply for the costs of their gender confirmation surgery to be covered, following a ruling today.

The Health and Human Services Department’s Appeals Board ruled today that a ban on coverage for trans-related surgery must be removed.

The ruling – which follows a long-running dispute – did not specify that all confirmation surgery costs should be covered, but allows for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Medicare is a national health insurance program which helps to provide insurance to the elderly and disabled.

Despite the limited scope of Medicare, the ruling also has wider implications for trans people fighting to get their surgery costs covered by private insurers, as Medicare guidelines are often used as a basis for private insurance contracts.

Medicare spokesperson Aaron Albright told Associated Press that following the ruling, Medicare “may cover this care case-by-case or under a local coverage determination based on clinical evidence to determine medical appropriateness.”

Jamison Green, president of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health, told TIME: “We’re very excited about it.

“Now there is considerable evidence that shows that this is a valid condition, that the treatment is effective … it can be disabling if it’s not treated.”

According to the Board, the policy banning the payments was based on obsolete information compiled in 1981, and had not since been revised.



Moscow Gay-Pride Rallies Have Been Reduced to This Print E-mail
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Sunday, 01 June 2014 04:54


MOSCOW — A handful of demonstrators took to the streets in two small gay-pride rallies in Moscow on Saturday, but turnout was poor, even compared to last year. At least six participants were detained by police.

The authorities had already banned one march scheduled for Tuesday, which was meant to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Russia. But activists vowed to press ahead with demonstrations Saturday, The Moscow Times reported.


Even though homosexuality has been legal in Russia for more than two decades, President Vladmir Putin signed a law last year banning "propaganda of nontraditional sexual practices", and Moscow has not allowed a gay-pride parade for nine consecutive years.

On Saturday, there were about 30 participants in the two rallies, compared with perhaps 60 or 70 last year.

One demonstration was held in front of the Moscow mayor's office, a traditional site for such rallies. It was meant to honor Conchita Wurst, a drag performer who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. Women painted beards on their faces to match Wurst's signature look.

A second rally was held in an area dubbed "Hyde Park," which is meant to quarantine free-speech demonstrations. Although authorities had apparently permitted that rally, at least four people were arrested.


Transgender woman appears on the Time Magazine Print E-mail
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Saturday, 31 May 2014 02:57


Laverne Cox heralds 'transgender tipping point' on cover of Time

Orange is the New Black actor explains 'There's not just one trans experience' in article about 'America's next civil rights frontier'

Time magazine unveiled its latest cover on Wednesday, featuring transgender actor Laverne Cox.

Cox, who is best known for her role as Sophia Burset in the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, is featured under the headline 'The Transgender Tipping Point'. Cox has received several awards for her work as the first transgender black woman to have a leading role on a mainstream US television show.

Despite these groundbreaking achievements, Time’s annual list of the 100 most influential people failed to include Cox when it was unveiled in April. Before the list was announced, Cox had received considerable support in the website’s 100 most influential people reader’s poll. Time’s omission of Cox prompted a backlash, and a social media campaign that used the rallying cry: #whereisLaverneCox.

Cox's appearance on cover seems to be the magazine’s answer to that criticism. Though its audience is declining, Time remains one of the most popular magazines in the US, and its circulation was 3.3 million in the second half of 2013.

Cox, who is also a popular speaker on gender roles, spoke to Time about how transgender people are often misunderstood:

There’s not just one trans story. There’s not just one trans experience. And I think what they need to understand is that not everybody who is born feels that their gender identity is in alignment with what they’re assigned at birth, based on their genitalia. If someone needs to express their gender in a way that is different, that is OK, and they should not be denied healthcare. They should not be bullied. They don’t deserve to be victims of violence … That’s what people need to understand, that it’s okay and that if you are uncomfortable with it, then you need to look at yourself.


New revolutionary condon design Print E-mail
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Written by The Daily Grind   
Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:08


Galactic Cap May Revolutionize Condom Industry With “Penis Helmet” Condom

A southern California-based inventor is planning to revolutionize the condom industry with his new prophylactic condom device which fits only on the very tip of the penis, allowing men to feel maximum pleasure while practicing safe sex.

The Galactic Cap, may also be a solution for the California porn industry which is currently battling proposed California legislation requiring porn stars to wear condoms during sex.

harles Powell, the inventor behind the Galactic Cap, explained that his friend’s death from HIV inspired him to invent the “penis helmet” condom, which he has been working on for over two years.


According to LA Weekly:

It’s a two-piece product that uses a U-shaped base comprised of a polyurethane adhesive film and a cap that sticks to that film.

The base can be put on hours or even days before sex, and it allows users to urinate or even shower.

Powell says that it won’t come off during sex and that it will successfully trap semen. “It leaves the coronal ridge and shaft exposed for more powerful orgasm,” he told us.

The device could be a game-changer, but Powell says it needs FDA approval first. And that takes money.

He told us he had investors lined up, but when he lost a contest to receive a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they got cold feet.

Watch the video explanation below:

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