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Written by TIME   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 12:49


An Open Letter to Robert Gates: The Boy Scouts Need to Accept Gay Adults

On my 18th birthday, I must say goodbye to the organization that has shaped my youth. I was just 4 years old when I went on my first camping trip with my older brother and his Cub Scouts pack. After that, I was hooked. Scouting has been a constant part of my life since then. The Boy Scouts taught me everything from how to survive in the woods to the morals and values that shaped the person I am today. For that, and for the good times and friends I made through Scouting, I will always be grateful.

But today I have to say “goodbye.”

Today is my 18th birthday, a milestone on my path to becoming an adult and the day I am no longer eligible to be a Boy Scout because I am gay. Despite the Boy Scouts’ historic decision last year to open its ranks to gay youth, the Scouts still ban gay adults. And as of today, that means me.

n his first speech as the newly elected president of the Boy Scouts of America, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that, although he supports allowing gay adults in Scouting, he will not take the leadership to make change.

Gates went on to argue that ending the ban on gay adults now could lead to the Boy Scouts’ ultimate demise. “And who would pay the price for destroying the Boy Scouts of America?” Gates asked. “We must always put the kids and their interests first.”

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Uganda court declares anti-gay laws 'null and void' Print E-mail
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Saturday, 02 August 2014 01:59


Uganda court declares anti-gay laws 'null and void'. Members of Uganda's gay community celebrate the decision.

Gay rights campaigners in Uganda and around the world are celebrating a decision by the country's constitutional court to strike down a widely condemned anti-gay law on a legal technicality.Uganda's constitutional court has overturned tough new anti-gay laws that had been branded draconian by rights groups, saying they had been wrongly passed by parliament.

The law was "null and void", the presiding judge told the court, saying the process had breached the constitution because it had been passed in December without the necessary quorum of MPs.

"Justice prevailed. We won," said lawyer Nicholas Opiyo, who led the challenge in the constitutional court.

Activists in the courtroom cheered after a panel of five judges ruled on Friday that the speaker of parliament acted illegally when she allowed a vote on the measure despite at least three objections that not enough MPs were in attendance.


Boys Can Wear Pink! Print E-mail
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Written by Huffington Post   
Friday, 01 August 2014 08:29

Awesome Campaign Reminds Boys That They're Free To Wear Pink

From an early age, kids are often told pink is a "girl" color while blue is for boys, perpetuating the idea that only girls can wear pink clothing. In 2012 a photo of a young boy wearing pink shoes caused an Internet firestorm, simply because he was a boy wearing pink shoes.

But now, gender stereotypes, beware. A new social media initiative is working to show support for kids who choose to wear the rosy color, regardless of their gender.

This new campaign is the brainchild of Martine Zoer, founder of Quirkie Kids -- a Kickstarter-funded line of pink tees for both boys and girls. Zoer successfully raised enough money to fund Quirkie Kids back in March, and now she's using the brand to further promote her message of acceptance and individual expression through social media.


Zoersaid she was inspired to launch the social media initiative after learning about a boy who was teased when he wore pink on the first day of school. "No kid should be teased for what they wear!" she said. The Quirkie Kids Facebook page adds, "Some boys like pink and why not? Pink is just a color and so is green, and blue, and yellow."

To join the online movement, all you have to do is repost this image of a boy wearing a pink shirt or post a picture of your own child "expressing themselves through their clothing," along with the hashtag #freetowearpink, on your social media.

We're in!

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My Son Wears Dresses, and That's OK With Me Print E-mail
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Written by Huffington Post   
Friday, 25 July 2014 08:05


Every morning my four-year-old daughter, Sydney, drags a chair into her closet and plucks a dress off of the rack. I try to lean her in other directions --"Why don't we try shorts today?"--but Sydney's stubborn. And I think she deserves the freedom to choose what she wants to wear.

My son, Asher, is 2. I grab shorts and a T-shirt out of the drawer and dress him, because he still has trouble dressing himself. But he figured out how to undress himself -- and pretty often that means he's ripping off his clothing and screaming "dress" over and over again. He climbs onto the chair in the closet and tugs at one of Sydney's dresses --"This one."


So most days my son is dressed like Sofia the First, or some Disney princess, or -- my favorite -- rocking a multi-colored Ralph Lauren spaghetti strap sundress. Taking all social mores out of it, he looks good in dresses. And on an 80 degree summer day in LA, it's probably the most practical choice.

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John Barrowman Delivers Rebuke To Anti-LGBT Countries Print E-mail
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Written by Huffington Post UK   
Thursday, 24 July 2014 07:46


'I am so happy right now': John Barrowman overwhelmed by support for THAT gay 'Glasgow kiss' during opening ceremony'

John Barrowman delivered a stunning rebuke to the 42 nations of the Commonwealth in which homosexuality remains illegal – by kissing a man during the opening ceremony of the Glasgow games.

The gay actor, who was born in Glasgow, sang "Welcome to Scotland" as part of the opening act with comedian Dunbar, the pair entering the stage from beneath a giant kilt. Barrowman then kissed a male "bride" at a mock Gretna Green before being whisked away on a sea of "heather".

Politicians have voiced their concerns over the plight of the LGBT communities across the Commonwealth leading up to the Games, with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg telling campaigners in Glasgow that it was unacceptable that almost 80 per cent of the countries involved practise some form of LGBT discrimination.

"The Commonwealth core values and principles which all Commonwealth countries sign up to are clear. They say that ‘We are committed to equality and respect for the protection and promotion of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights’. Yet almost 42 out of 53 countries of Commonwealth countries that are represented here in Glasgow this week criminalise homosexuality in some way."

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Gay wedding canon Jeremy Pemberton blocked from NHS job Print E-mail
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Written by BBC   
Monday, 21 July 2014 05:48


The first gay British clergyman to marry a same-sex partner has been blocked from taking up a promotion within the NHS.

Canon Jeremy Pemberton was prevented from officiating as a priest in Nottinghamshire after he married his long-term partner in April. He still works as a chaplain for an NHS trust in Lincolnshire. But a bishop said he was "unable" to issue a licence for Mr Pemberton to work for the NHS in Nottinghamshire. Mr Pemberton's husband described it as "homophobic bullying" and urged supporters to write to the acting Bishop for Southwell and Nottingham, in the hope it will change his decision.

'I am appalled'

In a statement, Laurence Cunnington said: "I realise that, as Jeremy's husband, I am far from impartial but those of you who know him well will recognise my description of him as a fine man of integrity and exceptional abilities and whose ministry in this diocese would be a tremendous asset to those he serves.

"I am appalled, to put it mildly, that he is to be denied this opportunity solely because of his marital status."

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US: Obama moves to protect gay workers Print E-mail
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Written by Time Magazine   
Sunday, 20 July 2014 04:02


Obama’s Executive Order to Protect Gay Workers Will Have No Religious Exemption.

President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order Monday that will ban job discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation among federal employees and contractors–and it will not include an exemption for religious organizations. The order ensures that federal employees and contractors, who are already protected on the basis of sexual orientation, will formally be protected from discrimination based on gender identity. It will affect some 24,000 companies with 28 million workers total, or about a fifth of the country’s work force, according to the Associated Press.

“At a critical time for our nation’s economy, we need all of our workers to be focused on making the most of their talent, skill, and ingenuity, rather than worrying about losing their job due to discrimination,” said a White House official. “Discrimination is not just wrong, it also can keep qualified workers from maximizing their potential to contribute to the strengthening of our economy.”

When the upcoming order was first announced on June 30–the last day of LGBT Pride month and shortly after the Supreme Court handed down the Hobby Lobby decision–a handful of Christian leaders including pastors Rick Warren and Joel Hunter wrote Obama a letter asking him to exempt religious organizations. They soon received pushback–more than 100 faith leaders wrote Obama last week asking that he not include an exemption.

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