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Kiss-in protest in support of LGBTI rights Print E-mail
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Written by Mashable   
Friday, 17 October 2014 06:46


Protesters kiss at UK Sainsbury's.

This story first appeared on Mashable

When a female student was thrown out of a Sainsbury's in Brighton, UK, for kissing her girlfriend, her university rallied around her. Wednesday evening, hundreds of protestors joined a kiss-in to demand tolerance, embracing under rainbow umbrellas and holding homemade signs. A security guard asked Annabelle Paige, 22, a student at the University of Sussex, to leave Sainsbury's after she gave her partner a "slight peck on the cheek," according to the Guardian. A fellow customer had complained to the security guard that the "disgusting" kiss made her concerned for the safety of her child.


"That word, disgusting, it really resonated and shook me," Paige told theGuardian. In an op-ed, University of Sussex communications officer Michael Segalov wrote that there would have been no objection to a man and woman kissing in the same way. After the incident, Sainsbury's issued an apology, according to the Guardian: "It is clear that Miss Paige and her partner were not behaving inappropriately and we are very sorry that they were treated in this way." The chain claims the security guard worked for a private firm hired by Sainsbury's and was not a direct employee.

Sainsbury's donated £100, equivalent to $160, to a charity of Paige's choice. But Segalov demanded a public apology, a larger donation to LGBTQ charities, and a review of diversity training. More generally, the protest aimed to raise awareness of societal homophobia, he wrote in the op-ed. 1,400 people RSVPd 'yes' to the protest's Facebook event, and a Sainsbury's spokesperson wrote in an email that about 700 people attended in person.


So the protestors descended in droves on the store. One carried a sign reading "Sains-Bullys," while another had crafted a sign saying "Live Well For Lez," a play on the store's motto of "Live Well For Less." A bride and groom kissed under a rainbow umbrella, and a pair of women locked lips with a toy panda.

The store welcomed the protestors with free bottles of water and cookies. "We were happy to welcome the Big Kiss In to our store," a spokesperson toldMashable in an email. "We're pleased everyone had fun and we were happy for the chance to remind everyone just how important being an inclusive business and employer is to us."

Vatican Strikingly Changes Tone on Gays Print E-mail
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Written by Mashable   
Monday, 13 October 2014 21:41


VATICAN CITY — Catholic bishops showed unprecedented openness Monday to accepting the real lives of many Catholics today, saying gays had gifts to offer the church and should be accepted and that there were "positive" aspects to a couple living together without being married. A two-week meeting of bishops, known as the synod, arrived at its halfway point with a document summarizing the closed-door debate on family issues so far. No decisions were announced, but the tone of the report was one of almost-revolutionary acceptance, rather than condemnation, with the aim of guiding Catholics toward the ideal of a lasting marriage.

Bishops clearly took into account the views of Pope Francis, whose "Who am I to judge?" comment about gays signaled a new tone of welcome for the church. Their report also reflected the views of ordinary Catholics who, in responses to Vatican questionnaires in the run-up to the synod, rejected church teaching on birth control and homosexuality as outdated and irrelevant. The bishops said gays had "gifts and qualities" to offer and asked rhetorically if the church was ready to provide them a welcoming place, "accepting and valuing their sexual orientation without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony."


For a 2,000-year-old institution that teaches that gay sex is "intrinsically disordered," even posing the question is significant.

"This is a stunning change in the way the Catholic church speaks of gay people," said the Rev. James Martin, a Jesuit author. "The Synod is clearly listening to the complex, real-life experiences of Catholics around the world, and seeking to address them with mercy, as Jesus did."

Read the full story at:

Gay Marriages Underway in the USA Print E-mail
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Written by Mashable   
Tuesday, 07 October 2014 09:44


US : Gay Marriages Suddenly Underway in Utah, Virginia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin.

The Supreme Court surprised just about everyone this morning when it declined to hear five states' same-sex marriage appeals, effectively giving gay marriage the green light in Utah, Indiana, Virginia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

But the court provided no instructions of its own, and so the states — and each county within them — were left to figure out the implementation of gay marriage for themselves.

Read which states are now issuing marriage licenses following the Supreme Court's decision from Mashable!


Facebook Apologises to Drag Queens Print E-mail
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Written by Time Magazine   
Friday, 03 October 2014 02:35


Enforcement of a "real-name policy" led to LGBT users being blocked from their accounts

A coalition of LGBT rights advocates met with Facebook representatives at the company’s Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters on Wednesday morning, demanding change to the company’s treatment of their profiles. In recent weeks, many drag queens — people who may go by names like Lil Miss Hot Mess rather than the male-identifying names they were given at birth — said their accounts were suspended because Facebook demanded that they use their “legal names” on their profiles.

While Facebook did acknowledge “the hardship that we’ve put [such users] through in dealing with your Facebook accounts over the past few weeks,” the company also said their policy was never to require legal names — simply “authentic ones.” In a post, chief product officer Chris Cox affirmed that when it comes to members of the LGBT community, the company considers “authentic” names to be whatever those users go by in daily life, regardless of what is scrawled on their birth certificate.

Cox blamed the suspensions on company protocol for dealing with profiles that are reported as fake. Many transgender users and well-known drag queens in the San Francisco community, such as local icon Sister Roma, were among “several hundred” people to have their accounts reported, he said. (He did not name the individual who did the reporting.) Their policy has been to suspend the profile until the user submits some form of identification that matches the name on the page.

Read more at:

USA : Too many LGBT kids are still homeless. Print E-mail
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Written by Zach Stafford   
Friday, 26 September 2014 07:28


Too many LGBT kids are still homeless. And we still throw money at marriage?

The pre-eminence of weddings in the gay rights movement ignores the basics that so many of us can’t even afford. Can you fathom how much money the mainstream LGBT rights movement spent on marriage equality? 

Over the past decade, the LGBT rights movement in America has overwhelmingly focused on the fight for marriage, making it seem as if marriage is the key to making us all truly equal in America. And through this ardent effort, incredible strides have been made. Currently, same-sex marriage is legal in 19 states, the District of Columbia and 10 Native American tribal jurisdictions, meaning 44% of the American population has access to same sex marriage – an amazing feat given that, just 10 years ago, the state of Massachusetts was the first state to make it legal.

But at the same time, around 40% of all homeless young people identify as LGBT. Predominantly these young people are African American or Latino. Transgender youth face disproportionately higher rates than even lesbian, gay or bisexual people. While the inability for same-sex couples to marry has pushed many to label themselves “second-class citizens”, I find it difficult to completely sympathize with their plight – and the money they’ve spent to end it – when so many LGBT youth are living and dying in the streets everyday with no end in sight.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Carl Siciliano, who founded the Ali Forney Center (the largest organization dedicated to LGBT homelessness in America), put it bluntly: “The summer [of 2011] that marriage equality passed in New York, we saw the number of homeless kids looking for shelter go up 40 percent.”

New York is not alone – the entire nation is seeing a rise in general homeless youth populations, with LGBT youth continually making up a substantial chunk as more and more marriage bells ring across America.

Most young people end up in the streets for a variety of reasons, ranging from familial neglect to economic problems to being discharged from foster care with few other options and no money. However, for LGBT youth, we do know from key surveys that the two primary reasons are: being forced out of their homes by family members due to their sexual orientation, and running away due to their sexual orientation.

Read the full article at:

Homosexuality will cause the collapse of civilization Print E-mail
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Friday, 26 September 2014 01:02

A US newspaper columnist has claimed that the overturning a “well founded” taboo on homosexuality will cause the collapse of civilization.

Proud2Be, a Devon based lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or trans+ (LGBT+) organisation commented that they were extremely saddened by the views and “facts” expressed in this article and deeply concerned about the impact on the LGBT+ community as these views can reinforce prejudices and validate homophobia/biphobia/transphobia.

In the artcile below, the known writer know as ‘Grave Turner’ claimed that homosexuality is an “aberration”, and that it is “worth recalling” that homosexuality used to be criminalised.

The article reads in full:


There is no better example of this than the Human Rights Act.

Human Rights legislation has been used to overturn well founded taboos that have, hitherto, stood the test of time over many generations.

Prominent amongst them has been the issues surrounding homosexuality, and the Roman Catholic’s opposition to public acceptance of homosexual practices as being anything other than the sin of sodomy.

It is worth recalling that in these Islands and well within living memory, those practising homosexual acts were persecuted and punished.

Clearly homosexuality is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is, nonetheless, an aberration.

Such persons as suffer from it should-be treated with sympathy and understanding.

What came next, in law, was permission.

It declared that, in matters of sex, what happened between consenting adults in private was purely their business. What evolved following the change in the law was a change in language.

No longer were homosexuals referred to as ‘queer’, which of course, they are being at odds with the natural ‘norm’, but ‘gay’. Hitherto ‘gay’ was understood to mean light hearted, and carefree with youthful connotations. This harmless and pleasant little word was skilfully adopted by organized homosexuals (Stonewall and the like) as a sort of camouflage disguising what they were really about, making it seem palatable.

Time passes, and the media are constantly referring to the ‘gay movement’ and aggressive ‘gay pride’ marches are organized. ‘Gays’ are encouraged to ‘come out’, prominent people having already been ‘outed’ by the likes of the thoroughly odious Peter Tatchell, an alleged draft dodger from ‘down under’, now travelling under the ubiquitous human rights cloak covering anti-racism, and the outlawing of the so-called ‘homophobia’. School children – SCHOOL CHILDREN! – mark you, are encouraged to express their sexuality.

So there you have it. In this country, homosexuality has gone from persecution, to permission, and thence promotion. When parliament passed the law making homosexuality legal, a well known figure was heard to remark “Knowing that lot, it’s a wonder they didn’t make it compulsory!”

It was not homosexuality per se that caused the collapse of the great civilising empires of Greece, Rome, Britain, et al, but rather public acceptance of it was the exclamation mark that signalled the end of empire. With it came the weakening of the disciplined social structures that support law and order. Slowly, but surely, anarchy will take over.

In passing, if the Scots don’t vote for ‘independence’ believing that they can’t make a better fist of it governing them selves than that shower in Westminster – they they deserve all they get – and suffer!





I'm Gay. Get Over It Print E-mail
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Written by Huffington Post   
Friday, 26 September 2014 00:32


'I'm Gay. Get Over It,' State Senator Announces During Push For LGBT Hate Crimes Bill.

A Pennsylvania press conference against LGBT hate crimes on Tuesday turned personal when a state senator announced he is gay.

"I'm gay. Get over it. I love it," Democratic Sen. Jim Ferlo said, according to audio posted by Mary Wilson of WITF broadcasting. Wilson noted in her tweets during the event that Ferlo is likely Pennsylvania's first openly gay state senator.

Ferlo, an outgoing senator who represents part of Pittsburgh, is the sponsor of a bill that would expand the state's hate crimes law to cover lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals. The legislature's current push to amend the law was sparked by a Sept. 11 incident in which two gay men were allegedly beaten in Philadelphia.

At the microphone Tuesday, Ferlo said he's been "a practicing homosexual" since his mid-20s.

"I've never denied my homosexuality … I just never made an official declaration," he said, noting that many of his friends, co-workers and community members have known for years.

After Ferlo finished speaking, Rep. Brian Sims (D) told other lawmakers, "Let's keep this going," according to Wilson's tweets. The recent attack was in Sims' district, and he became Pennsylvania's first openly gay legislator to be elected when he won his seat in 2012.

See Jim's speach at:


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