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Hurry the F*ck up Australia
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Nath Valvo would like to say "Hurry the F*ck up Australia" and get behind same sex marriage.

Nath decides to confront the straight people and issues that perhaps shouldn't be allowed to get married!

Lesbians get technical
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Written by Ella Wilkes   

SCISSR : The Web Series – Lesbians get technical

This small cast and crew have really decided to play into the modern age and even may I say the Grindr age? Based on a group of Brooklyn lesbians all connecting through and iPhone app, this promises to be interesting web series to say the least.  Despite my internal snigger about the name (scissr, lesbians, really? I know it provokes one immature giggle in you too) I am impressed by what this crew seems eager to create. The cast give off a great bubbly air and the writer, Lauren Augarten, has a fantastic attitude in their proposal video. Laura herself has been bouncing around the theatre scene in America for a few years and this could lead to great things for the young multi-talented artist. Having reached their goal of three thousand dollars they are still appealing to the crowd out there to pitch in and help fund the end of the series, because no one wants to go only half way. Quality film is expensive to create and crowd funding has really had a wonderful effect on bringing small projects like this to life. This project really aims at showing lesbians as they truly are, real people with things in their world other than “being gay” which I think is a very important lesson. There are a lot of stereo types out there and anyone who wants to help bust them wide open has my thumbs up.

More info at:

Latter-Day Saints gay website
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‘Stay with us,’ new Latter-Day Saints website urges gay Mormons.

In an effort to encourage understanding and civil conversation about same-sex attraction, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has launched the website "Love One Another: A Discussion on Same-Sex Attraction" ( It features a number of videos from people who share real experiences from their own perspectives on a sensitive and sometimes emotionally charged topic.


Matt Mitcham - Funky Trunks Underwear
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See the Funky Trunks Underwear campaign photo shoot with Matt Mitcham. Now available from

Jim Green shares about gay spirituality
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Jim Green shares about gay spirituality and his new book Northern Lights

Gays will marry your girl friends
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We support gay marriage. Here's why you should too.

See more
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Cross in the Closet
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Timothy-Kurek Straight Christian Lives a Year as Gay Man. In his Nashville Christian church, Timothy Kurek was taught the lesson of God's wrath in the Biblical story of "Sodom and Gomorrah," and he believed that homosexuality was a sin.

"You learned to be very afraid of God," said Kurek. According to the preachings of his church, "The loving thing to do is to tell my friend who is gay, 'Hey, listen, you are an abomination and you need to repent to go to heaven.' I absolutely believed in that lock, stock and barrel."

So devout was Kurek as a teen that friends' parents would often call him to set their kids straight if they misbehaved or broke what they believed to be God's law.

"I would be the one on the phone until four in the morning, asking them to repent for their sins," he said.

But about four years ago, when a lesbian he knew from karaoke night confided to him that her parents had disowned her when she came out, Kurek felt that he failed her.

"I feel God really kicked me in the gut," he said. "She was crying in my arms and instead of being there for her, I was thinking about all the arguments to convert her."

Kurek's reaction ate away at him, and he wondered what it felt like to be gay and so alone. So even though Kurek identifies as straight, he embarked on what one religious writer called "spiritual espionage." He would live like a gay man for a year. Read more at:

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