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Conan officiates Gay TV wedding
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers
What Americans will do to be on T.V. Conan officiates the gay wedding of costume designer Scott Cronick & his partner David Gorshein in NYC.
Foo Fighters - Hot Buns
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers

Foo Fighters - Hot Buns - 2011 - [HD] - Uncensored Version.

Hold on to your burgers, boys. It's not safe for work, but then not particularly unsafe, as it's just a bit of bum action and pixelated balls. We're still trying to work out if it's actually funny or actually erotic.

Grizzly Pop WTF!
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers

Matt Zarley WTF (Official Video)

Hot guys in tight fitting shorts… cheesy pop with bad lyrics… crotch shots and pool scenes… Who doesn’t love all that? Check out hot daddy bear, Matt Zarley, and his big gay single ‘WTF’ on YouTube. It’s like Rebecca Black for gays. Terrible, but terribly catchy.

Matt zarley's official video of WTF in full HD Enjoy it guys!

Should we care if Tim Cook is gay?
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers

Felix Salmon and John Abell discuss Apple's new CEO - Tim Cook - and the media's coverage of his sexual orientation
Music Matters Campaign
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers

music-mattersMusic Matters brings together music lovers to raise awareness about its significance and value, and to celebrate and support musicians everywhere.

What can you do?

Look out for the Music Matters Trustmark.

As a music fan, the most important thing you can do is consume music in an ethical way.

With so many different ways to stream and download music, it can be confusing to work out which ones will support the musicians you love. That's why we've developed the Music Matters Trustmark. Remember to look out for the Music Matters Trustmark whenever you are choosing new music.

Spread the word

Do your friends and family value music and know about the hard work that goes into making each song?

Help us build a strong movement supporting musicians everywhere, by inviting everyone you know to join the campaign. Find out more — read our Music Matters FAQs.

I want a Sexy Nerd
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers

Gay pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend, "Gay Pimp" Jonny McGovern blazed onto the New York scene in 2000 with his satirical mix of his character comedy and dirty gay hits and his fire continues to burn bright.

"Like Jonny says, Sit on my laptop and open my download" .....from iTunes! Get the "Sexy Nerd" single produced by Markaholic from iTunes NOW!

Mika's new French single
Regulars - Slogging, Video and Trailers

If Mika has been missing from your life you can now rejoice because the man has released a brand new single. And hopefully, like Mika, you are bilingual as the new song ‘Elle Me Dit’ is sung completely in French. It’s cute.

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