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The Hottest Abercrombie & Fitch Guys
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The Hottest @Abercrombie & Fitch Guys, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

Stephen Fry Proud2Be
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Stephen Fry supports Proud2Be Project by making his own Proud2Be video

Stephen Fry is the latest public figure to lend his support to the Proud2Be Project by making a Proud2Be video and follows in the footsteps of Peter Tatchell, Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans MP, Michael Cashman MEP and Fox from Channel 4's My Transsexual Summer' amongst others. In his video which he shared with his 4.1 million followers he says "it seems funny to me to have to say that I'm proud to be gay but goodness I am...and I won't ever apologise for being born the way I was and feeling the way I do"

The project, which is currently being registered as a community interest company, began nearly a year ago in June 2011 when identical twin brothers Matt and Jon Price sat in front of their web cam and told the world they are proud to be gay. Through the project, Matt and Jon will not only be running the campaign but also facilitating workshops, creating documentaries and exhibitions and opening a centre in Central London. They said:

"As gay children the overriding message we both received from our school and church, the media and society was that being gay was something to be ashamed of. After working for several years with children and young people, still the messages our lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans youth receive are not too dissimilar to the ones we heard growing up. We believe if these messages are not questioned the likelihood is our LGBT youth will grow up feeling ashamed about who they are. We are thrilled that Stephen has joined forces with the Proud2Be Project to help combat this shame and encourage and support all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people to be proud of who they are”

The Proud2Be Project invites you to make a Proud2Be video! Whether you identify as LGBT or you are a friend, parent, co-worker or educator of someone who does, we want you to get involved. To find out more about the project and for details on how to make your own Proud2Be video, head to

The Shit Gay Guys Say
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Your Disco Needs You! [Kylie Tribute]
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"Your Disco Needs You!"
Thank you to all our fabulous volunteer participants - you were amazing!!!
Sydney Mardi Gras Pre-Parade 2012

Camera: Junior Lucano
Sound: Alessandro Mattiolo
Production Assistant: Rami Mandow
Director & Editor: Dan Murphy

The truth is hard to swallow
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The Wedding Dance Film
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Click here to help be a part of the Feature Film FRIEND... Donating just a $1 can make a difference

Click Here to be a friend of FRIEND on facebook

Click Here for music from The Wedding Dance, only .99 cents on itunes. All proceeds go towards funding FRIEND film

Thank you so much for helping us make this amazing short film... Elliot London & Team...

Please email me if you have any questions or want to be a part of the feature film FRIEND This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A song about gay love : Shades of Purple by Bye June
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Shades Of Purple which is a song about the legalization of same-sex marriage by the band Bye June.

"Today we get to present to you Shades of Purple, a video with a story of having the freedom to love whom ever one chooses despite gender, religion or sexual orientation." - Bye June

Special Thanks to the master shadowgrapher, Sati Achath. His book Hollywood Celebrities: Basic Things You've Always Wanted to Know, Vol. 1 is a unique book on top 55 Hollywood celebrities. This is a fascinating book because it consolidates the personal biographical details (such as age, education, family life, and interesting factoids) as well as brilliant caricatures of these celebrities.

To order the book click on the following link:

Gil Kline (Singer, Guitarist, and Songwriter for Bye June)
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