FUSE41 — It's perfectly natural

What's Natural?

We’ve come a long way in Australia and as a gay man I can live my life openly with my partner without fear. In this, we are truly a lucky country. As we are all aware in some countries like Uganda and Russia, being anything other than heterosexual is just not tolerated.

Although I don’t face this type of extreme discrimination and persecution I’m still constantly amazed by the attitudes of some Australians, who by all accounts seem well educated and bright. Time and time again I hear them comment that being gay or gender variant is ‘not natural’. And then there’s the camp that believe that homosexuality is a sickness, the result of troubled family dynamics or faulty psychological development even though medical professionals tell us that these assumptions are purely based on misinformation and prejudice.

It is all just so ridiculous and makes them look very foolish in my humble opinion. Unless we assume there is some ‘unnatural evil force’ manipulating some of us — seemingly at random — surely if something happens in nature at all, it’s natural.

It’s a scientific fact that Mother Nature has been creating people that are ‘queer’ since homo sapiens started to walk this earth and in all probability in animals, before that. Homosexuality has always existed. Different is normal. People who label things as good or bad, ignore
the fact that things just ‘are’.

And that brings me to our feature article in this current issue — ‘Who we were, who are and who we will be’. It follows the history of homosexual people right from the Stone Age, telling of how in many cultures gay people have not only been accepted and revered but have a special place in society. It is really a wonderful and empowering journey and an article that reinforces that homosexualty is nothing new and existed way before some ‘people’ decided it was ‘un-natural’. p19.

With every day I hope that more and more people see that being LGBT or I is nothing to be afraid of. We’re not going destroy marriage or the moral fabric of society. Really it’s just common sense to see that although different, we all want the same thing — to be loved and to love. I believe that equality is an important step in that happening.

And talking about having big hearts, also in this issue on p31 you’ll find our feature on the LOTL Animal Rescue Park in Sydney and what happens when a few big-hearted women get together to make a real difference to animals in need of a safe haven.

And lastly check out our review of the new Aussie doco ‘OUT in the Line-up’. A story that follows two gay surfers who embark on a global journey to uncover the taboo of homosexuality in surfing. p15.

Enjoy, Alex

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FUSE41 — It's perfectly natural. (Girl Cover)

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