FUSE40 — Being who you are

Can you be brave?

As we started putting this issue together it became apparent that nearly every story — and indeed even our photo spreads — had the same subtle yet very important message. If we want to be happy, then we need to be authentic.
No matter what you’re doing; shopping for new clothes, entering into a new relationship, re-evaluating your life, heading to Mardi Gras or even just going out for an evening with friends — be the ’real’ you.
Being authentic means being brave enough to accept yourself as you really are.
At this point we can finally stop seeking the constant approval from others and stop pretending to be something we’re not. It’s something that most everyone struggles with, myself included. Most of my life I have been insecure and desperate for everyone to like me — no matter the cost — thinking it would make me happy. Trying to be more than I am, withholding what I truly need from others and all too often being fearful to communicate my deeper emotions. As troubling as it may sound, it’s a realisation that can liberate me.

I traded my authentic self because of my fear of being judged. It was not until I saw the suffering that it brings me and others, that I have started to work on being who I really am. It’s not something that happens overnight and being brave enough to ‘be me’ every day is a challenge. It requires vulnerability to be authentic but I know in time it will bring the contentment I’m seeking.

I think being authentic and happy with who we are can be of particular benefit to the LGBTI community, especially our younger community members who are just coming to terms with their sexuality and identity.

Many people struggle with being someone that the world may not approve of. This is very apparent in a new report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics which shows that 2535 Australians died by suicide in 2012 and that this trend is on the rise.

Although this is only a small piece of the puzzle, it’s incredibly important to encourage everyone to be brave and to be who they truly are and most all to know that who they are is not only OK but wonderful. I hope everyone enjoys this issue of FUSE.
Warmly, Alex

FUSE40 — Being who you are. (Boy Cover)

FUSE40 — Being who you are. (Girl Cover)

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