FUSE36 — The Awesome Power of You!

Since our last issue of FUSE a lot has happened and I’m again reminded that nothing ever stays the same. Probably the  most significant change being the shift back to Kevin Rudd as Australia’s Prime Minister. I have mixed feelings about this, as I’m sure many Australians do.

One the one hand, although I like Julia Gillard, her views on same-sex marriage perplex me. As Prime Minister she did lots of good things for Australia. I believe that introducing legislation to fund the national disability insurance scheme was one of her greatest achievements. It was clearly something that was close to  her heart and it really showed. But unfortunately marriage equality wasn’t close to her heart at all... and that really showed too!

On the other hand, Kevin Rudd — having changed his mind back in May of this year — is a supporter of marriage equality. There is a lot to be said about Mr Rudd, good and bad, but I’m going to leave that discussion to the dinner table. The fact that he now supports marriage equality matters to me, and it should matter to you. Whether you believe in the concept of marriage or think it’s completely ridiculous, at the end of the day it’s really about all people having equal rights. Across the board, equality is something we should stand up for even when it does not benefit us personally.

In our special ‘Election 2013’ feature, we have a close look at the people and parties that all have their eye on the prize. Very soon now we’ll all be heading to the polling booths.  The direction that Australia takes over the next three years is very much dependent on how you decide to vote. It’s our  hope that Elizabeth Gorrell’s feature article ‘Dodging the  Donkey’ will help you make a more informed choice. Although most of us dislike the rigmarole of polling day,  it may well be the most important day this year. p15.

Talking about things changing, we also look at a new concept that is sweeping the world: collaborative consumption.  Many believe that it will radically change the way we shop and  use the things we already own. People everywhere are starting to realise that easy access to a product — for example a car,  power tool or ski equipment — is more important, and usually  considerably cheaper, than actually owning it. Although a radical shift in thinking, it’s actually been under our noses the whole time: think libraries and DVD rentals. The thing that makes ‘collaborative consumption’ so groundbreaking is similar to the reason why ‘social networking’ went viral — it’s all about the power of the individual — you! p24.

Sharing is good, Alex

FUSE36 — The Power of You! (Boy Issue)

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