FUSE32 — There’s an angel inside each of us

When I was younger I used to view astrology with a degree of skepticism.

But hey, a girl’s got a right to change her mind. Over the years there have been way too many coincidences between events occurring in my life and astrological predictions to dismiss the fact that something is going on.

During the month of November — while we were putting this issue of FUSE together — Mercury was retrograde, which it does several times a year. During this time Mercury starts travelling in an apparent backward motion. While Mercury is retrograde, for around three weeks, you miss appointments, your computer equipment crashes, things get lost, and you find the car you just purchased is a lemon. You hate your haircut, the lamp you bought shorts out and there are countless delays, cancellations and postponements. It’s a drama queen’s nightmare.

So if during the last few weeks of November you had issues around machinery, computers and communication, you can blame Mercury retrograde.

Here in the FUSE office, Mercury retrograde hit us with its full force — you name it we had it, major computer issues, communication dramas and everything was late. Thank (add your deity here) for my partner who keeps numerous data backups and is a computer whiz kid, he was pretty much fixing things (or not!) for three weeks solid.

Lucky nothing in life stays the same and the holiday season is on our doorstep. In our Christmas issue this year we have a whole bag of goodies for you. Our foodie, Jacqui Bushell writes about Christmas past and has designed a ‘kind’ Christmas dinner that’s bound to impress everyone at the table p22. We have a whole list of fabulous ideas for those last minute gifts on p13 and Scott Malcolm gives some avid advice on avoiding Christmas financial stress, which includes using some old twine p19.

We also have a fantastic feature on p26, ‘So you want to be a parent’. For some same-sex couples having a baby and starting a family is the most wonderful gift they could receive. So we thought it was high time that somebody put together an article that covers all the options and looks at any pitfalls that may need to be anticipated on the wonderful journey to parenthood. Written by Di Simpson a family law specialist, this is a must read for anyone looking at being mums or dads.

As this is our last issue of 2012, I’d like to personally thank everyone that works so hard to make FUSE possible, our staff, contributors, supporters and of course you, our readers. May you all have a wonderful and safe holiday season and we’ll see you in 2013.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE 32 — There’s an angel inside each of us (Boy Issue)

FUSE 32 — There’s an angel inside each of us (Girl Issue)

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