FUSE31 — Be Brave. Be Proud. Be You!

A while back there was a knock at my door and before I knew it I was being asked if I was worried about Jesus’ return. It gave me lots to think about and I started to wonder what kind of guy Jesus might be. It came down to a few simple questions:

Would Jesus stand up for bigotry or equality?
Would he care more about money or the planet?
Would he want to save the whales or eat them?

There is no doubt Jesus would be a man of action championing injustice and I severely doubt you’d find him in a church sitting idly when there were rallies to attend. He is not going to think it’s ok to factory farm animals, pollute the earth for economic gain or treat any person with any less love, understanding or compassion than another. The concept that Jesus might ‘hate fags’ — or hate anything for that matter — is beyond ludicrous.

Sport doesn’t always have a great reputation when it comes to fairness, often associated with bullying and perpetuating limited ideas of masculinity. In this issue we look at some of our sporting gods and community heroes (people that Jesus would proudly stand by) as they work to stamp out homophobia, sexism and inequality.

In our special sports feature, FUSE investigates homophobia and sexism in sport — which are major issues for sports people at all levels — and how things are finally starting to change with the help of advocates like gay footballer Jason Ball, hockey player Gus Johnston and many others, including politicians like Andrew Barr here in the ACT. Homophobia is of course not the only issue in sport, and with the tide slowly turning, we also celebrate all the fantastic women in sport as they continue to struggle for equality in an arena dominated by men.

Being out and proud as an Olympian can take great courage — which is why this month’s FUSE cover boy is no other than Matthew Mitcham. We chat to Matt about his thoughts on homophobia in sport, life as an elite athlete and his highly anticipated autobiography ‘Twists & Turns’.

Which brings me back to the question of Jesus’ possible return and whether I should be fearful of a guy with infinite compassion, who would love and respect all creatures despite their economic status, ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, sex, species or sexual orientation. Should I be worried? No, of course not.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE 31 — Be Brave. Be Proud. Be You! (Boy Issue)

FUSE 31 — Be Brave. Be Proud. Be You! (Girl Issue)

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