FUSE25 — Wear it with pride. Hot Jocks!

Another spring comes around. I remember last year writing about renewal, but this year repetitive cycles have been on my mind. I often find the concept of repetition horrifying, but just recently I’ve been seeing these patterns with a new perspective. The sun’s out, the weather is warming and I see spring doing its work everywhere. I’m constantly bombarded with affirmations of the repititous nature of existence. It really can be a beautiful thing. Understanding this can be the kick along we need to identify those personal patterns that create joy and happiness in our lives, and those that don’t. I’ve realised that it’s not the repetition that’s depressing, it’s being trapped in patterns that are not meant for me. (Like derrrrrrr.) I think this is one of those things that most of us already know, but struggle to take action to change — which is just another negative pattern really. So find the things that make you happy and build them into your life. The rest is all crap.

And on the topic returning events, Canberra SpringOut is fast approaching for another year and we are in for lots of fun as usual. Major events include Fairday, BentFest — who have a fantastic line up of queer films including The Doctor’s Wife — and of course Bushdance. There are of course heaps of other SpringOut activities, so keep your eye out for details over the coming weeks.

Josh Thomas is also returning to Canberra with his show ‘Everything Ever’ where he’ll talk about everything that has ever happened... ever! Josh once said, “Realising I was gay was a difficult, confusing time for me. I don’t need more pictures of Tony (Abbott) on the beach shoved in my face forcing me to reconsider what team I picked.” — how’s that for a recurring mental image we could all do without. Check out our interview with Josh. p09.

I’m very excited about our feature interview with the outrageous John Waters who is currently on tour with his new show ‘This Filthy World’. For decades the gay filmmaker and comedian has made us laugh, cringe, and sometimes even gag with horror. We chat to the man who truly has, as he puts it, made trash one percent more respectable. p19.

We also have a bunch of spring fashion this issue. Renowned DJ Tracy Young shows off her new range of T’s with timely slogans like “NY says I do”; we look at simplifying your summer wardrobe; and for an extra special treat we have three glorious pages of James Tudor Underwear for the boys.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE25 — Wear it with pride. Hot Jocks. Closets are for clothes (Boy Issue)

FUSE25 — Wear it with pride. Closets are for clothes (Girl Issue)

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