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As I start writing about same-sex marriage equality yet again, I take a deep breath and hope it’s the last time.I’m pretty frustrated with how long it’s taking the Australian Government to recognise my right to marry my partner of fifteen years, especially when I see marriage equality happening elsewhere around the world — including recently in New York. I’m even more frustrated hearing our Prime Minister’s constant and adamant opposition to same-sex marriage.

However, when it comes to fighting for equality, we are in good company. In the past, many people have had to fight hard for their basic human rights: women and indigenous people just to name a couple. It also appears that it is always the same type of people (with the same old tired arguments) who often oppose equality and freedom. I wonder how much better the world would be without these fear-filled individuals.

There is a definite pattern here — but the news is good because, as history has demonstrated, it’s only a matter of time before common sense prevails and we also receive true equality. I’m excited about the inevitable but I suppose I just wish it was not so damn hard to convince some people of the bloody obvious.

On this topic, we have two great articles this issue: ‘Should We React to the Far Right?’ by Simon Copland and ‘Driving for Social Change’ by ACT Deputy Chief Minister, Andrew Barr.

But this month’s issue is not all about same-sex marriage and equality — we also have some other great features. FUSE was lucky enough to score media passes to see Lady Gaga at the Monster Hall in Sydney and IT WAS FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC. Check out all the goss and some awesome photos. p27.

We also chat to this month’s sexy FUSE cover girl, Sally Whitwell, who recently performed at Lesbians in the House. Sally is a very talented, sassy and hip pianist, who is taking the classical music scene by storm. p10.

Plus we’ve got a special FAB things for you — eco chic gay grooming essentials; the low down on Freddie Mercury Day in the BUZZ; Chad’s fashion bucket list; a film review on the must see Children of God; Scott Malcolm on protecting your assets and so much more.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE24 — In Good Company (Boy Issue)

FUSE24 — In Good Company (Girl Issue)

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