FUSE23 — Equality Rules!


It’s seems that homophobia is getting worse.  As GLBTI people around the world slowly claw forward for basic human rights, we are seeing many anti-gay groups and individuals becoming increasingly active — and in some cases violent.  Sadly, I think this can be expected. There are many people who are absolutely horrified by the thought of queer people being accepted in mainstream society. Not to mention that we are having families and will hopefully soon have the same marriage rights as everyone else. Having said that, in Australia we are ‘the lucky country’. In some third world countries the penalties for just being gay or lesbian are extremely severe.

We are still fighting the good fight and have a great deal of support from all sections of the broader community. In fact, many Christians believe that God actually does love all people and that GLBTI folk should receive equal rights. I personally try to remember that fear, hate and intolerance can come from any group, as can love
and common bloody sense.

Many people in our community are standing up and letting the world know that  we deserve better. Only recently Andrew Barr, now the ACT Deputy Chief Minister, took part in Canberra’s first Anti-Homophobia Conference and announced that the ACT Government will be developing initiatives to combat homophobia in schools. He said, “I am determined that every ACT school will continue to make every student feel safe and valued.”

In addition to this the new ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, announced her support for same-sex marriage in an interview with the The Australian. She also met with Julia Gillard to urge her to support legislation that could pave the way for legalised same-sex unions in the ACT. There are of course many other politicians and leaders around the  bcountry who openly support the rights of GLBTI people.

So it seems that as the battle for equal rights rages on we may be in for some continuing turmoil. I urge everyone to keep up the good work and hang in there, as change is definitely in the wind.

With love, Alex — FUSE Editor

Enjoy, Alex

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