FUSE21 — Breaking Away From Stereotypes

Welcome the new look FUSE Magazine for 2011, this issue we are breaking away from Stereotypes.

I suppose we all fit into a stereotype in one way or another — I know as a gay man I do. I like hanging out at the gym, I moisturize and my features are a bit effeminate (at a party recently a woman asked me how long I had been living as a man!? It was quite a hit to my masculine ego, but I’m OK with it now — really). Although these might be considered ‘gay’ traits, I know plenty of straight guys who have similar features and share many of the same interests, and many other gay guys who are completely the opposite to me. The only thing stereotypical about all gay men it seems is that we like other blokes, and I can’t even guarantee that.

So what does that mean for stereotypes? Maybe, that really, they don’t actually exist at all. It seems though, that people like to lump others into neat little packages… all gays are like this… all women are like that... it’s rubbish!

In this issue we chatted to two people that really sit outside their ‘perceived’ stereotypes: Bianca Elmir and Andrew Georigiou are both boxers. Bianca has been kickboxing for over ten years and was recently crowned the Oceania boxing champion. With her eyes firmly set on the 2012 Olympics, she’s keen to kick some ass, so to speak. And Andrew runs a popular gay boxing club in Sydney — not quite Fight Club but these gay boys know how to throw a punch… even the pretty ones. So it looks like we’ll have to invent a whole new stereotype for female and gay boxers — or not. Check out the features by Simon Copland on p11 and p13.

So you’ve probably noticed that FUSE has had a make-over (that’s so like the gays). Yep, we’ve tweaked and prodded and now FUSE21 is all grown up. We hope you like it — everyone on the team had to give up some valuable beach time to bring it to you.

We’ve added a few new sections, like ‘Round Up’, ‘Tip Off’ and a gardening/food section called ‘Eat Me’ by yours truly. Plus of course all the regular stuff we’ve grown to love, like ‘What’s On’, ‘Buzz’ and ‘Ear Candy’. Another great year of FUSE is heading your way.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE21— Breaking Away From Stereotypes (Boy Issue)

FFUSE21— Breaking Away From Stereotypes (Girl Issue)

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