FUSE44 — The truth doesn’t whisper

I’m feeling very blessed.

To my amazement this issue of FUSE celebrates our sixth birthday.

I’m constantly taken aback at just how fast time goes by and I’m pretty sure that’s because we are rarely present in each moment of our days. When you live on autopilot the years can just slip away. Well, that’s how it feels for me at the moment anyway. I’ve written about mindfulness many times, but still personally struggle to remember just how important it is, especially when so much is happening.

As we’ve been putting this issue together it has been hard not to notice just how mindful some people actually are when it comes to noticing the needs of other people — wonderful people with big hearts, really trying hard to make the world a better place.

This month we chatted to a couple of local Canberra boys who decided two years ago that they would build their family through foster care. A decision that has brought a whole lot of happiness into their lives and the lives of the three wonderful children they care for. There are literally thousands of kids, which are in desperate need of a loving, stable and supportive home.

Foster carers are desperately needed in Australia and there are some pretty serious myths around what being a carer means and who can be one. I really encourage everyone to read our feature  on as it might just change your life forever p15.

On the subject of people in need, late last year in an unlikely turn of events, Grace Phelps-Roper, a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church, made a massive statement of solidarity with the LGBT community. Travelling to Jamaica with Planting Peace founder Aaron Jackso, Grace documented the living conditions of LGBT youth who have been forced to live in the sewers of the 

city of Kingston because of their sexual orientation. Her photographic essay is beautiful, while deeply concerning and poignant p23.

You’ll actually find lots of wonderful photos in this issue of FUSE. Late last year we celebrated Pride in Canberra, another fantastic ‘SpringOut’ month filled with community events and diversity. One of those events was the FUSE BAKE OFF, which was a fabulous day filled with cake and icing. This year we raised over $2000 for the AIDS Action Council and A Gender Agenda — a not-for-profit organisation providing support for the Canberra trans and intersex community. You can check out all the photos p39.

As with our birthday tradition, I’d like to say a great big thank you to everyone who makes FUSE Magazine possible — contributors, advertisers and of course all our readers. A special mention  to Linda Djumlija, who has been doing such a wonderful job as  our associate editor over the past couple of years and to my  (under-appreciated) partner Christopher, who’s support and love  is so vast that sometimes I think I’m looking at the sun.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE44 : The truth doesn’t whisper. Gay lifestyle. (Boy Cover)

FUSE44 : The truth doesn’t whisper. Gay lifestyle. (Girl Cover)

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