FUSE46 — Love is a verb!

Relationships make the world go round

Google defines relationships as “the way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected.”

Can you think of any aspect in life that can exist or sustain growth without working relationships? The fact is if you look at any personal, work, political or even world problem it all boils down to relationships that just aren’t working — even nature relies on successful relationships.

Unfortunately some relationships are probably never going to work, but we find ourselves stuck with them all the same. The reason we are still struggling so hard to get marriage equality in Australia is because we are working within relationships that will always be in conflict because of their political or ideological agendas. Sadly, interaction becomes a war of wills instead of a harmonious flow of ideas and we fight until somebody wins or yields.

With a majority of Australians now believing marriage equality is a right, it’s really a matter of when, not if. It’s unfortunate that we are being held to ransom by a minority of narrow-minded conservatives.

On the topic of relationships, our new political correspondent, Harley Dennett discusses why Canberran same-sex couples have more reason than most to be angry with the partisan games delaying marriage equality. p16.

When it comes to building successful personal relationships, Julia O’Boyle is a bit of a guru. Her feature article asks “what happens after the honeymoon?” I think it’s a question that we don’t often ask ourselves. In this wonderfully informative feature, Julia encourages us to build deep and enduring relationships through communication and action. It’s a must read for everyone. p19.

In this issue of FUSE you’ll also find our special feature interview with Hayley Teal.

We caught up with Hayley who’s back in the limelight with her new EP Do You Love It. You may remember Hayley from X-Factor — when asked if she had a boyfriend back at home, she proudly said into the mic... “girlfriend.” p24.

For something light, we review the new director’s cut of 54. In a recent interview, actor Ryan Phillippe said he’s looking forward to the new release because it restores, among other things, a steamy kiss between him and co-star Breckin Meyer that was left on the editing room floor. And we’re looking forward to it too! p36.

Plus, why criminalising homosexuality is a public health hazard, the other little blue pill revolutionising gay men’s sex lives, the top 10 handsomest American cities, the truth about planking and so much more.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE46 : Love is a verb! (Boy Cover)

FUSE46 : Love is a verb! (Girl Cover)

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