FUSE42 — Hold your head high

Have you got Nomophobia?

A recent study found that a staggering 53% of people are anxious when they forget their mobile phone, lose it, run out of battery, or have no network coverage. The new phobia — the fear of being out of mobile phone contact — has been coined Nomophobia. It begs the question, ‘when was the last time you left your smart phone at home, on purpose, or turned it off for more than a day’?

My dad has never owned a laptop or an iPhone and probably has no idea what an app would be. Things have certainly changed in just a single generation. He’s just like most of us, enjoys a coffee in his favourite cafe or a weekend with his mates. But the biggest difference is that’s he is not spending half that time checking his Facebook newsfeed, seeing who has ‘liked’ his latest post, uploading a photo on Instagram, or posting a tweet — ‘just drank #beer in a boat’. He doesn’t need others to know what’s he’s doing to feel validated and most importantly, as the Buddhists would say, he’s living in the moment.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m actually any better off with my swag of 4G and WiFi enabled gadgets that I religiously drag everywhere with me. We’ve been convinced that we ‘need’ these things and that they make our life better but as I look around, I think that maybe it’s all gone too far, too fast.

Don’t get me wrong, I think social media has many benefits and my iPhone is a pretty awesome tool, but it does seem to me that too many people are missing so much of ‘real’ life, with their heads down and eyes glued to 4 inch screens.

Do you think you’re a social media junkie? You can find out in our article about online addiction and read how it’s affecting our lives and what we should do about it! p14

In this issue of FUSE we also look at the importance of loving and honouring your body — even if it’s not what the world considers ideal p19; changing our perceptions on gender in an effort to ‘erase the binary’ p16; the issues of LGBTI people with dementia in aged care p41. And on a lighter note, we check out a new gay play by David Atfield called Scandalous Boy, which is coming to The Street Theatre during SpringOut p24.

I’m also excited to announce that BAKE is back again so it’s time to get cooking. Last year we held Canberra’s very first GLBTQ Bake Off at the EQ Café in Deakin and it was a huge success raising over $2000 for charity. Hopefully this year we can do even better. It’s a really fun event and we are going to include some live shows and extra goodies to help make the day even more fabulous. So mark Saturday 8 November in your calendar and start thinking about what awesome food you’ll enter in this years Bake Off. More info on p7.

Enjoy, Alex

FUSE42 : Hold your head high. Gay lifestyle. (Boy Cover)

FUSE42 : Hold your head high. Gay lifestyle. (Girl Cover)

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