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FUSE58 — This is not fake gay news

IN THIS ISSUE: With her distinctive nerdish glasses, boyishly short brown hair and signature attire, funny lady, Hannah Gadsby is ‘a little bit lesbian. John Cameron Mitchell — think Hedwig and the Angry Inch — living a creative life filled with fluidity and queerness on the celestial level. Is it time for a digital detox? Are you addicted to your phone? We are more globally connected than ever before, but life in the digital age is far from ideal. Plus, That Start Up Show. LGBTIQ news, Long Yang winter celebration, film reviews, queer horoscopes, dear rose and so much more.

Alexander Thatcher FUSE EditorTrump took over my iPad

FUSE58 - Editorial by Alexander Thatcher, Executive Editor.

One of my favourite things to do first thing in the morning is to make myself a coffee, grab our iPad and catch up on all the news before starting my day. I usually start with Apple news, drop into a few major news sites and then finish off with a quick look-in at Twitter and Facebook.  I’m pretty much the modern version of the guy with a cup of tea and the morning newspaper.

Not so long ago news reports were numerous and diverse and in the subject matter — but something started happening back in 2016 and, unbeknown to me, was about to overrun my iPad like an unwanted and insidious virus... and it was called ‘Trump’.

It seems no matter where you look online there is a story about Trump and what horrifying thing he did or said today. What was once alarming has become the new normal and, to make it worse, an emboldened conservative Christian right seems determined to use the current ruptured political climate and fear to obtain more power in America and the world. It’s become abundantly clear that their ‘ideal world’ is not one where LGBTIQ people are welcome or safe.

The news and social media cycle has become an unsettling place, and if we contrast that with how many people on social media are obsessed with making life — and themselves — look perfect when in reality that’s far from true.

It’s led me to believe that our traditionally printed magazine and others like it are actually more important than we think in this fast-pasted digitally consuming age. According to new research, reading traditional print is relaxing and even six minutes can be enough to reduce the stress levels by more than two thirds, while being online actually causes stress.

Unfortunately, unless you become a hermit (no, Christopher), there is probably no escape from technology, but we do have the power and hopefully the insight to know when we need to step away and go on a digital detox, whether it’s for an hour, weekend or maybe even longer if you’re off on a holiday.

So with this in mind, on p43 you’ll find our article on how you can take a rest from the crazy rants of Donald Trump, find a little peace of mind and hopefully stop being a slave to that smartphone.

Alexander Thatcher
Executive Editor


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