FUSE movie picks June/July 2017


It’s been a long time coming – too damn long, really! – but we finally have a female superhero film. Debuting in the comics in 1941, and brought to life on TV in the 1970s by Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman finally gets the big screen treatment – and with a female director at the helm (Patty Jenkins, Monster). Like the first season of the TV show, Wonder Woman takes place during war, but this time WWI, when the Amazonian princess, Diana (Gal Gadot), rescues US pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and is drawn away from Paradise Island and into the wider, more dangerous world of man.

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FUSE movie review : ALLIED

From Robert Zemeckis, Academy Award-winning director of Forrest Gump, as well as Flight and Cast Away, comes an intense, seductive thriller starring Oscar winners Brad Pitt (World War Z, Inglorious Bastards) and Marion Cotillard (Assassin’s Creed, Two Days, One Night).

Set against the backdrop of World War II in French Morocco, Pitt and Cotillard play two of the world’s deadliest spies who fall in love while undercover on enemy lines. It is Casablanca, 1942. Allied counter intelligence agent Max (Pitt) assumes the identity of husband to famous French resistance spy, Marianne (Cotillard), who is also working undercover. The pair effortlessly poses as a married couple while covertly colluding to assassinate a German diplomat.

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Unlock Your Heart

You've never seen Tip Man so damn hot.... wait for it....

Unlock Your Heart - Kenyth Mogan (Official Music Video)
Kenyth Mogan
Music & Lyrics: Matt Hayes and Aaron Harris
Produced by KATR Pictures and Moonbrat Entertainment
Costumes Provided by Andrew Christian
Tin Man costume designed and rendered by Shane Dzicek
Makeup by Jennifer McFetridge


Bryan Hawn & Colby Peters show the heterosexual nature of bromance.... in song! Yep it's pretty gay!

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