Why you should visit Spain if you're gay

It might be a predominantly Catholic country, but Spain is officially the most LGBT-friendly nation in the world, according to the results of a poll by the Pew Research Centre. The study polled participants from 40 different countries on different topics and what is considered morally acceptable and unacceptable...

... including questions on marital affairs, gambling, honosexuality, premarital sex and getting a divorce. Spaniards declared that they don't give a toss about same-sex action – only six per cent said it was morally unacceptable, the lowest out of all the other countries surveyed.

Theses are just 5 reasons Spain is such a great counrty for LGBTIQ poeple.

1. Gay marriage was so last decade.

While the US grapples with its own countrywide stance on gay marriage, Spain made gay marriage legal in 2005. At that time, some states in the US had only just struck down bans against homosexual intercourse and conduct.

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2. Spain just loves all LGBTIQ people

Spain was ranked the most gay-friendly country in the entire world in the last Pew Research Center poll in 2013, with 88 percent of those surveyed responding “yes” to the question: Should society accept homosexuality?

In comparison, 60 of American respondents said yes to the same statement.

In a recent study, Spain was hailed as a 'model' nation for gay rights in Europe. The report from IGLA-Europe recognised Spain for laws pertaining to same-sex marriage, adoption, rights for transgender people, and more.

Additionally, capital Madrid and Barcelona are often rated in lists of the best travel destinations for LGBT people.

3. Having a same-sex family is easy 

Same-sex couples in Spain have also been able to adopt a child together for ten years, while countries like Germany still struggle with the issue. Plus, a child born by in vitro fertilization in Spain may also be recognized as the child of the biological mother's same-sex partner.

4. Discrimination is never OK

Unlike in the United States where laws against sexual orientation-based discrimination vary by state, Spanish laws have been in place completely forbidding it since 1996. According to Rainbow Europe's Country Index, sexual orientation-based discrimination is illegal in both employment and goods and services in Spain.

barcelona pride

5. The gay pride parades are world-renowned

Madrid's pride parade may be one of the biggest worldwide, but there are also notable parades in Barcelona, Valencia, Sitges and Seville. In 2012, Madrid hosted one of the largest parades with a reported 1.2 million people in attendance. The 2007 Europride parade hosted in the capital also saw a huge turnout of more than 2 million people.

GAY PRIDE SITGES 2016 Official Video from Gay Sitges Guide on Vimeo.

Gay Pride Sitges in 2016 welcome more then 45000 visitors. The 2017 festival will be over 5 days the gay village. And may well be one of the hottest gay prides in the world. Check it out at:  http://www.gaysitgespride.com

Gay Pride Sitges 2017 will take place from Thursday June 8th to Monday June 12th, 2017.

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