Totally awesome pocket washing machine

The pocket sized washing machine. Doing laundry while your travelling can be a real pain and certainly not much fun. You either end up hauling a whole lot of smelly clothes around, waste time in nasty laundromats or spend a small fortune on hotel services...

Good news is those days are behind you — enter a new Aussie invention called the Scrubba — it’s a super clever clothes cleaning device and it’s works a treat!

The Scrubba is light weight, compact and best of all, it’s super quick — it takes only 30 seconds of scrubbing for clothes to come out clean and smelling fresh. The inventer, Ashley Newland, tells us that the end result of rubbing for three minutes is actually comparable to cleaning clothes in a standard washing machine.

The Scrubba is something that anyone who travels should definitely have — it really is totally awesome!

Congratulation to our readers that received a free Scrubba. If you would like to grab a Scrubba Washbag for yourself a single Scrubba Washbag costs $54.95 and the full Scrubba kit, complete with a towel for wringing out wet garments and a clothesline with suction cup ends, is $89.95

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