Wash Like a Man Should

Wash Like a Man Should… with Valor. Most guys will realise that one of the most important element of any grooming regime is a decent face and bodywash. So whether you’re washing your hands, face or all over your body, men’s organic grooming brand Valor is making sure that men around the country start every day looking their best and smelling fresh.

Valor’s Castile Face, Hand and Body wash is the latest release from the Byron Bay based company and is perfect for all over washing as an alternative to a soap bar. And because all of Valor’s products are made with all natural and fair trade organic ingredients and no Palm oil, your skin will thank you and so will your conscience.
Made from the finest organic Australian Olive Oil, cold pressed coconut, sunflower and avocado oil, the liquid Castile Soap is dispensed as foam for the face, body or hands for an invigorating wash. The refreshing soap, with original scents of sweet fennel, lime, clove leaf and patchouli, is also free from synthetic foaming agents.
Simply shake the bottle well before use and apply to your face, body or hands for a smell that will remind you remind that you that a natural soap is essential to any man’s grooming arsenal.

Check out their range of beard, face and body care paraphernalia at: shavewithvalor.com

Tags: Gay Men, Grooming

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