Politician says anti-bullying campaign is a 'gay plot'

Politician says anti-bullying campaign is a 'gay plot' to promote homosexual lifestyles and turn gay kids into 'celebrities' at school! A former Christian pastor and politician described an anti-bullying campaign as a 'gay lifestyle promotion program.'

Peter Abetz, a WA state government backbencher - who first spoke to The West Australian - said he was concerned the Safe Schools Coalition Australia program would elevate LGBTI children to 'celebrity' status.

'I don't believe that any program should go into a school which actually elevates a subset of students - LGBTI - to celebrity status and gives them special privileges which are not afforded to any other sub-group in the school,' he told Daily Mail Australia. 

Mr Abetz said 'no one' should have to tolerate bullying but campaigns targeting gay, lesbian and transgender students could lead to more bullying in schools overall.

He said being gay was 'not normal' - as heterosexuals make up '90 to 95 per cent of the population on a 'distribution curve' and just as 'skinny' or 'obese' people are not the majority.

'Just because it's not the norm in the population doesn't mean they shouldn't be respected and treated with dignity,' he said. 

Prominent gay rights advocate and Tasmanian of the Year Rodney Croome blasted Mr Abetz's remarks. 

'Peter Abetz is reinforcing exactly the same myths, prejudices that the Safe Schools Program is designed to challenge.'

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