Trans teen wins right to wear makeup

USA : In a few weeks,  Chase Culpepper will go to her local DMV in and pose for her driver's license photo. This rite of passage, however, will have special significance. This week, Culpepper, who identifies as a transgender girl, won the right to wear makeup in her identification photo.

That wasn't the case last March when 17-year-old Chase Culpepper and her mother went to the DMV for the first time. Culpepper stood for her photo wearing makeup as she normally does, but a DMV employee said that she needed to remove it to "look male."

The employee said that the DMV rules prohibited license applicants to take photos in "disguise," according to a lawsuit that Culpepper's mother, Teresa Culpepper, filed last September.

Once Chase wiped her face and removed her mascara, to comply with the employee's request, her photograph was taken.

"That was something I was very excited about, just like anybody else," Culpepper said "It was a very traumatic experience for me, which is why I felt so driven to change that experience for other people."

The settlement in Culpepper's case requires the South Carolina DMV to change its photo policy to make clear than an "applicant is not misrepresenting his/her identity when the applicant's makeup, clothing or accessories do not match traditional expectations of an applicant's gender."

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Tags: Transgender, Queer Youth, Gay Rights

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