Mother Teresa's charity — no gays!

Mother Teresa's charity shuts down all adoptions in India so kids won't have gay parents even though, there is an estimated 20 million orphaned children living in India. The charity founded by Mother Teresa has shut down all of its adoption services in India so the children will not have gay or divorced parents.

The Missionaries of Charity, founded by the Roman Catholic nun and missionary, has asked the Indian government de-register 13 orphanages.

India has recently opened up adoption to adults who are single, divorced or separated adults, hoping to give a home to the huge number of orphaned children in the country. Estimated numbers suggest it is anything from 20 million to 31 million and possibly more children without families. Many of them live in the streets.

But the Missionaries of Charity have said they would rather not have an adoption service at all than consider the possibility that a child could be adopted by a loving gay parent.

Speaking about the decision not to offer adoptions, Sister Amala told local media: ‘The new guidelines hurt our conscience.

‘They are certainly not for religious people like us. … What if the single parent who we give our baby [to] turns out to be gay or lesbian? What security or moral upbringing will these children get? Our rules only allow married couples to adopt.’

Mother Teresa, who died in 1997, was a staunch Roman Catholic who opposed adoption and contraceptives. She started New York’s first AIDS hospice, and refrained from calling people ‘homosexual’ but instead called them ‘friends of Jesus’. She also urged them to live lives of chastity.

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