Immani Love Goes Down Under

Florida's erotic poet Immani Love knows how to use words to maximum effect. During the Sydney Gay and Lesbain Mardi Gras 2017 she toured Sydney and Canberra. Before she headed back to the US we though we quicky catch up with her to get the low down.

How did you become an erotic poet?

Accidentally! I used to frequent open mic nights and one night I decided to write a poem to end a debate with friends and prove that I could. So I wrote a sarcastic ‘joke’ poem about my ‘addiction’ and the crowd loved it. I came back weekly and before long made a name for myself with all of my erotic poems.

What are a few of the secrets of successful dirty talking?

One big secret is to not keep secrets! The more honest you are with yourself about what you like to say and what you like to hear, the easier it is to share those things with your partner. As cliche as it is, communication really is key!

What are a few of your favourite words or sayings?

I say ‘pussy’ a lot! Sometimes for the shock factor and sometimes because I like the way it feels in my mouth (Yes, I know what I said! Yes, I mean ‘it’ and the word too!).

One of your favourite quotes is the Marquis De Sade’s: "Sex is as important as eating or drinking & we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.” Does the queer community do a good job of embracing our sexuality generally? Or is there still a lot of shame?

That's a tricky question! One of the main purposes of the #RainbowTour is to ‘Spread the Love ❤️’ Because although we do have a lot more openness and acceptance in some communities, there is still a lot of work to be done to help those in places where it is still a crime to live authentically and it’s often punishable by death. So in some cases it's not only shame, it’s fear for your life.

What’s the best way for people to ‘let it go’?

Depends on what ‘it’ is! lol Whether ‘it’ is inhibitions or fears, or it’ is a bad relationship or the imaginary “closet” you want to let go of, the first step is always acknowledging ‘it’ and how it affects your overall purpose in life.

Have you had any outrageous reactions to your show?

I'd have to say there was one show where I did a poem that had a line about how I know that the listener’s fantasy was for me to “take them to the bathroom and do all the things their boyfriend they came there with wouldn't do!” One overly excited young lady followed me into the bathroom later that night and asked if I meant what I said because she KNEW I was talking to her specifically!! No cops but her boyfriend was pretty mad when she came back an hour later! (joking, it was only 20 minutes)

What’s going to going down at the Canberra party?

Best way to find out is to come! Wear the traffic light color that best describes your current situation: (Red for taken, Yellow for flirty, Green for single and ready to mingle!). There will be hot music, hotter people, and the hottest couple of American chicks to entertain you. Myself and Queen Keysh will show you how we like to play ‘down under!’.

MC Queen Keysh

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