Pride events around the world cancelled

Pride events around the globe are being cancelled due to COVID-19. Famous events like Amsterdam Pride, Trans Pride Scotland and LA Leather Pride are just three out of hundreds of events that have already been cancelled due to concerns about community health, travel restrictions and economic woes.

In a press release, Amsterdam Pride said,

"The consequences of the corona crisis are too great. "We run into too many uncertainties and limitations," said AGP's outgoing chairman Frits Huffnagel. Moreover, organizing a Pride in a 1.5 meter society is also not feasible. Full street and square parties and hundreds of thousands of people on the quay and boats along the route, that is simply not possible at this time. Aspect that plays a part is that many organizations are involved in Pride Amsterdam.

Suppose the government will allow major events at the end of July, many partner organizers will no longer have a budget available for this. LGBT entrepreneurs across the country are currently being hit hard by the crisis. Many will no longer have money to organize a Pride party or a beautiful boat in the parade. ” In close consultation with the municipality of Amsterdam, it was therefore decided to organize the 25th edition of Pride Amsterdam a year later in 2021.

Kristine Garina, president of the European Pride Organizers Association (EPOA) said;

“Some events will inevitably face cancellation, curtailment or postponement. It is ironic that over the last few decades, various politicians, presidents, prime ministers, mayors, archbishops and other bigots have done their best to thwart and cancel Pride parades, but it was mother nature who succeeded.”

Steve Taylor, a spokesman for the EPOA, had expected up to 1,000 Prides to take place in Europe in 2020, though this is now unlikely to be the case.

Last year’s Dublin Pride Parade was the largest in history with tens of thousands in attendance. Dublin Pride issued a statement last week about plans for the festival and the Parade in response to growing concern over coronavirus.

Festival Director Jed Dowling said “The board and management of Dublin Pride are very mindful of the current situation regarding coronavirus (Covid-19) and of our responsibility to act in the best interests of the community. We will follow all advice given by the relevant authorities and are contingency planning for the possibility that the date may need to move out.”
Dowling continued “It’s important to remember that Pride is more than one day.

The very earliest Pride events in Dublin were attended by just a handful of people, and while we are best known for our Parades and Marches, it was these small events where we supported and helped each other in difficult times that made us what we are today. For many vulnerable people the next few weeks may be particularly difficult, remember to check in on your friends regularly, look after your own mental health and be aware of all the resources available if you feel lonely or isolated.

Jenny Dewsnap, Co-Chair of the UK Pride Organisers Network, said: “We are enormously proud that UK Prides will be a part of this global event. Our communities and our pride organisers now have something to look forward to this summer and a chance to be a part of this unique demonstration of worldwide solidarity and unity.”

Maria Jern, Vice-Chair of Svenska Pride [Swedish Pride network], said: ”In these times, it is even more important that we can demonstrate the power and strength of a joint Pride celebration around the world. Let the rainbow flag light up the world.”


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