3/4 of Australians oppose plebiscite

Over 3/4 of Australians oppose a plebiscite on their right to marry, a new survey has found. The latest poll from a group campaigning against the government's decision to hold plebiscite shows 36% of respondents support a popular vote on same-sex marriage when asked to consider their own right to marry.

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AFL's Groundbreaking Inaugural Pride Game

I'm attending my first AFL game. Until now, I have avoided AFL, associating it with unpleasant personal experiences, as well as institutionalised homophobia, misogyny, sexism and racism. I'm hoping that this match will be different. It's the inaugural AFL Pride Game, between St Kilda Football Club and the Sydney Swans.

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60% of Australians now back same-sex marriage

60% of Australians now support gay marriage according to the latest Nielsen poll published in July 2016. The poll, published in Fairfax newspapers, found nearly 60% of people support same-sex marriage, with 37 per cent against.

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Labor promises same-sex marriage

Labor vows to ditch the ridiculously expensive plebiscite! Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has promised legalising same-sex marriage would be the Labor government's first priority in Parliament, while stepping up warnings over Coalition cuts to Medicare and suggesting a 15% GST could be back on the table.

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A tragic weekend for the LGBT community

50 people were targeted and killed in a busy gay club called Pulse in Florida –Orlando a space that is a precious, essential sanctuary for many. Barack Obama on Sunday condemned it an “act of terror and an act of hate”, after a gunman stormed the gay nightclub. Photo taken at a night called Twisted Tuesday, hosted by Pulse.

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