COVID19 home workout

Gyms closed, social distancing in place and working from home? Things we can also be mindful of and do at home is a COVID 19 workout!

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Mental health and coronavirus

Is your mental health deteriorating during the coronavirus pandemic? Here's what to look out for. Before the pandemic, one in five Australians experienced mental ill-health every year.

But the uncertainty and instability around coronavirus has the potential to exacerbate existing anxiety and depression and contribute to the onset of new mental health problems.

So what are some of the signs your mental health might be declining during the pandemic? And what can you do about it?

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Margaret Court Vs LGBTI inclusivity

As play heats up at the Australian Open this week, so, too, has the debate around Australia’s most decorated tennis player, Margaret Court, and whether she should be feted on the 50th anniversary of her Grand Slam achievement.

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‘Gay gene’ testing apps

 No, a DNA swab can’t tell you if you’re gay, or likely to be obese, or depressed. And it can be damaging to believe so. The launch of a genetic app titled “How gay are you?” prompted a well-deserved outcry from scientists and the public last month, with media coverage branding it “disgusting” and “the latest bad idea”.

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Canberra Together

There was something incredibly unique and powerful about our LGBTIQA+ community and allies coming together for the inaugural Canberra Together; it showed the best of who we are and what we are capable of when we make space for each other and work together.

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The Canberra Bubble

It’s impossible not to be proud of Canberra. Despite the Prime Minister’s attempts at using “the Canberra Bubble” as a dismissive and straightforward slur on the politics that is part of Canberra’s DNA, I’m delighted to use it differently. We have, over successive generations, created a bubble that celebrates diversity to such an extent that I feel more at home, more safe and more welcome here than anywhere else.

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Queer choirs converge on the capital!

 LGBTIQ+ choirs from four countries arrive in Canberra this week for the Out & Loud choral festival. Hosted this year by Canberra Gay & Lesbian Qwire, Out & Loud is a triennial gathering of Australasian queer choirs.

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Trouble in Paradise

Idyllic Phuket harbours a dark open secret. It’s a tropical paradise, a sun-soaked region of Thailand home to some of the most lavish resorts, nightclubs and pristine beach coves in all of South-East Asia.

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ES 2019 Summer Collection

ES have launched their 2019 men's swimwear summer collection. Bon Voyage is a cheerful collection that travels back to the 60s, the height of the industrialization boom in Barcelona when thousands arrived from smaller towns and cities. It was called “Catalan Manchester “because of the number of factories situated in the popular Poblenou neighbourhood in Barcelona during the decade.

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Botswana recognises LGBTQ rights

 Botswana is a small country by population, but a big one by its role in the history of multi-party democracy and human rights in southern Africa. Botswana, although it did not sacrifice as much as many of the other frontline states, just got bigger. Last month, its High Court determined that the law that criminalized “carnal knowledge of any person against the order of nature” was discriminatory and therefore unconstitutional.

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