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Hepatitis ACT

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Hepatitis ACT is Canberra’s community hepatitis organisation. We provide services for our communities of interest including people living with viral hepatitis, people at risk, and other organisations working in this space.

• Information
• Community education
• Health promotion
• Workforce development
• Support
• Advocacy
• Referral
• Secondary NSP

Hepatitis B and C are blood borne viruses that affect the liver. Around one in 52 Australians (or ~460,000 people) is living with hepatitis B or C. They are preventable and treatable. One in three are undiagnosed!

Both hep B and C are transmitted blood-to-blood. Hepatitis B is also transmitted sexually, as is hepatitis C in certain circumstances. To prevent infection get vaccinated for hep B and avoid unsterile injecting and body art, unsafe sex, imprisonment, medical procedures and tattooing in developing countries, and sharing personal effects like tweezers, clippers, toothbrushes and razorblades.


  • Street: 36 David Street
  • Postcode: 2600
  • Suburb: Turner
  • State: ACT


  • Telephone: 02 6230 6344
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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