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Lucky Stars Sanctuary

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Lucky Stars Sanctuary Incorporated is a non-profit organisation that aims to care for animals and alleviate animal suffering by providing refuge and treatment and deliver education to the community about animal welfare issues and care.

Our name and logo originated from the community. It was often heard "how lucky are you," "thank your lucky stars" and so on when animals were in our care, and well, it kinda stuck. The logo was designed by Iain Robertson, a long time supporter of animal rights and the work we do. The streams of footprints behind the star represent Farm, Wildlife and Domestic animals. The human footprints have been added as in this journey we have helped just as many humans through education and contact with all the animals needing care.

Animal rescue has been a part of our life since we can remember.

Through legitimising our sanctuary and making our work more official, it enables us to continue to provide care for all sentient beings via much needed funding. We also provide education and awareness on welfare issues for animals and living kinder to affect animals and the environment.

Saving Pigs at Lucky Stars Sanctuary

Our mission and values are as follows;

  1. Provide abandoned, orphaned, surrendered, neglected, abused or injured animals with direct care, shelter and veterinary treatment.
  2. Animals include farm, domestic and wildlife for rehabilitation, release, foster care or to permanently home.
  3. Promote adoption awareness for rehabilitated animals to the community through education.
  4. Provide education to the community on animal welfare issues and provision of immediate care to an injured animal.
  5. Respect for the inherent value of all individual sentient beings.
  6. Respect for other animal protection, animal advocacy, cruelty-free and environmental groups with similar values to those of this association.

Lucky Stars Animal Sanctuary Canberra


  • Suburb: Bywong
  • State: NSW


  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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