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DocLIST aims to improve healthcare for lesbian and bisexual women

DocLIST is an online list of doctors recommended by lesbians and bisexual women, found at  The DocLIST project was piloted in Victoria in early 2010, then the national DocLIST was launched in October 2010.  There are currently 46 GPs and 18 specialists on the list, though these are currently concentrated in just a few states.  DocLIST now needs recommendations of many more doctors from all around Australia so that a large number of women can benefit from it.  Once a recommendation is received the doctor is contacted to let them know about the project and ask whether they agree to be added to the list.  The doctor is not told who recommended them.

DocLIST has been set up and administered by ALMA, the Australian Lesbian Medical Association.  ALMA is a small non-government organisation which has funded the project so far.  ALMA was recently awarded a grant by LInc (Lesbians Inc) which will assist them in funding the administration of the list.  ALMA is also indebted to the Pink Sofa who are supporting the project by promoting it on their website.

The list was set up in response to a clear need from the community. ALMA is frequently asked by lesbian and bisexual women for recommendations of lesbian/bi-friendly doctors in their area.  ALMA members have also heard stories from community members of doctors providing substandard care to lesbian and bisexual women, such as a doctor who is ‘not prepared to perform Pap tests on lesbian women’.  For this reason they want the DocLIST project to reward and congratulate doctors who are providing an excellent service to lesbian and bisexual women, and they wish to make lesbian/bi- sensitive health care available to as many Australian women as possible.

Lesbian and bisexual women can go to to find or recommend a doctor.  They can help this resource grow by recommending appropriate doctors and by spreading the word among their friends and contacts.

If you would like to know more, go to email the DocLIST Coordinator Dr Sarah Burrowes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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