Seeing Eye Dog puppy carers needed | ACT

Seeing Eye Dog’s Australia urgently need more puppy carers – no matter the sexual orientation or relationship status, puppies don’t discriminate and just need a loving home.

With more than a year wait list for people requiring a Seeing Eye Dog, SEDA need more puppy carers in order to support their growing breeding program.

Vision Australia’s Seeing Eye Dogs (SEDA) is the only national provider of Seeing Eye Dogs in Australia. It costs more than $30,000 to train one Seeing Eye Dog and because SEDA is committed to offering services at no charge, we rely entirely on the generosity of the community, making puppy caring vital to ongoing success.

With all costs covered by SEDA, the puppy caring program only requires volunteers to care for a puppy in their home from the age of eight weeks until they are approximately 12 months of age. In a time were people’s financial budgets are stretched, this is a wonderful opportunity for people to get involved with the organisation without having to contribute financially. Your love and time is all SEDA require in order to ensure the puppies are well socialized before they begin their training to becoming a Seeing Eye Dog.

For those unable to accommodate a pet in the household, members of the community can contribute to the important work of SEDA by sponsoring a seeing puppy. Donations can be made as one-off or regular donations. Puppy sponsorships cover costs including veterinary examinations, intensive training and medicines. Puppy sponsors also receive regular letters from your puppy and photos throughout their progress as they train to become a seeing eye dog.

People interested in becoming puppy carers can call toll free 1800 037 773 or visit

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