Sherlock Holmes Too Gay!
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Robert Downey Jr.'s allusion to the fact that his 'Sherlock Holmes' character may have been partners with Watson both professionally and domestically has studio executives up in a tizzy. We're on team Sherlock no matter what side he chooses! Also, whose hair does the ultra-fabulous Vanessa Williams wish she had? The curvy answer after the jump!Execs to Robert Downey Jr.: Not So Gay, OK?

Publicists for the upcoming 'Sherlock Holmes' movie are very concerned that its star, Robert Downey Jr., can't stop hinting that the great dapper detective's relationship with Dr. Watson may involve more than just solving crime. "When Robert joked with Letterman that they might be 'homos,' Warner Brother executives died," laughed one industry insider who believes Downey is messing with studio bigwigs.

During Downey's interview on Letterman, he was asked if Holmes and Watson had "a different level of relationship." Downey quickly shot back with a smirk: "That they were homos ... That is what you're saying"

A chuckling Letterman replied "In a manner of speaking, yes ... that they were closer than just out solving crimes." After further banter, Downey left it up to the people. "Why don't we observe the clip and let the audience decide if he just happens to be a very butch homosexual," he said.

"The studio wants to position this as an action-packed adventure, not 'Brokeback Mountain 2,'" my insider joked.

Yet fear not -- I have been told the film will not disappoint any hardcore Holmes fans, and if the world's sneakiest sleuth does have a secret love that dare not speak its name, he doesn't kiss and tell in this film. There is, however, a good amount of man-on-man bare-chested fighting, so make of that what you will.

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