Bisexuality on Film & TV

In recent years, TV shows have started to explicitly state a character’s sexuality, either in dialogue or through a coming out scene. Christina Wilkins, Lecturer in Film and Creative Writing, asks it is bisexuality better depicted on TV than in the film?

Pronouns and why they are important

For many people, their pronouns are an essential part of who they are, and by using them, you’re doing your bit to make them feel validated and included.

Is Disney lacking diversity

The Mouse House with Locked Doors. Will Disney ever truly let us in? For young queer people, seeing themselves reflected back on the screen is crucial.

Aussie LGBTIQ+ Buddhists feel pressure to hide their identities

New findings by Australian researcher Stephen Kerry, Lecturer in Sociology at Charles Darwin University, have found that LGBTIQ+ Buddhists in Australia are struggling and feel pressure to hide their authentic selves. It's not very Buddhist!

Capital of Equality - Mardi Gras 2024 (Photos)

The “Capital of Equality” float, beautifully embodied the essence of Canberra — a vibrant community residing in this wonderfully diverse Australian city.

Groundbreaking Surrogacy Law Reform Passed in ACT

"With these reforms, more children will enjoy the economic and emotional security that comes from the legal recognition of their families" - Equality Australia

Georgian parliament proceeds with anti-LGBTIQ legislation

Read Time: 4 minutes. Georgia's parliament has granted initial approval to a series of bills that impose significant restrictions on LGBTIQ+ rights.

Navigating Horizons: Sani Townson’s Dance Journey

Sani Townson, artist, dancer, and theatremaker, shares his personal, cultural, and artistic journey on stages across Australia. Ahead of the Bangarra Dance Theatre's new masterpiece ‘Horizon’ Sani spoke with FUSE about this amazing show and his artistic influences.

Bianca Del Rio has officially announced her new comedy

Exciting announcement, Bianca Del Rio is bringing her new stand-up world comedy tour titled Dead Inside to Australia and New Zealand in January and February 2025.

The End Of The Wharf As We Know It!

After twenty-five year on stage the hilarious Wharf Revue crew have decided to call it a day announcing their last show ever!

Troye Sivan announces November Aussie Tour

I want this to be the pop show. It has to be the party. It has to be the best night of your life, the best night of my life... Aussie gay pop king Troye Sivan is coming home to tour Australia in November!


'Pride in the Capital'

In this issue: Canberra pride festival guide. American LGBTIQ freedoms out of the window. Gender and King Lear. From Mardi Gras to SpringOUT, we catch up with Lynne OBrien. Venus Mantrap from Valley of the Molls. Canberra Qwire turns 30. Queer Buddhists. Dear Rose, Gay horoscopes, social photos and more.

Pride | 21 Aug - 1 Sep
Get excited! Winter Pride is coming to Queenstown, New Zealand, with 11 days packed with amazing events! FUSE Magazine is excited to be a sponsor of this year's event!


Beware of the latest scams targeting travellers

Experts are urging travellers to stay vigilant against three specific types of scams that are costing Australians millions of dollars and causing them a great deal of heartache.

Visit Gay Australia

If you’re looking for LGBTQIA+ travel information or accommodation in Australia then the GALTA website should be your first port of call.


A easy guide to working out at home

Working out at home has its benefits: It’s convenient, it’s time-efficient (compared with traveling to a gym or fitness studio), and it’s cost-effective.

The gentle art of transforming failure

We all fall over; it’s OK. To ‘fall over’ is a popular expression to convey the idea of not achieving the desired outcome or not meeting expectations in a particular endeavour. Learn the gentle art of transforming failure and your life.


Face Value: The Unattainable Beauty Standards of Gay Culture

Unattainable beauty standards are nothing strange in the western world, but they are uniquely heightened within gay culture. To find out why body beauty is so prized in gay spaces, Liam Heitmann-Ryce-LeMercier speaks with two young queer men for their perspectives.

Problems with dating apps and can they be fixed?

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide use dating apps, but only half of users say that they have had positive experiences. Incredibly, many users also received threats of harm.

Police Marching at Mardi Gras must come with real change

The policing of LGBTQ+ people casts a long, dark shadow. Police marching at Mardi Gras must be backed up with real change.

The great US rights rollback

America. The self-proclaimed ‘land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave’. But if you have been paying attention to US politics this year, you’d be forgiven for thinking that freedom and bravery had been thrown out of the proverbial window.


Capital of Equality - Mardi Gras 2024 (Photos)

The “Capital of Equality” float, beautifully embodied the essence of Canberra — a vibrant community residing in this wonderfully diverse Australian city.


The Pinnacle Foundation celebrates 15 years

The Pinnacle Foundation celebrates 15-year anniversary and 100+ annual scholarships, as 2025 applications open until 31 August.

Artist Call Out : Kaleidoscope LGBTQIA+ Exhibition 2024

Calling all queer artists for Kaleidoscope III 2024, an LGBTQIA+ Exhibition brought to you by Belco Arts and supported by FUSE Magazine.

Queer Networking

Fruits Sydney

Formerly known as Fruits in Suits, Fruits is a monthly LGBTQIA+ networking night for business owners and professionals on the third Thursday of every month between 6pm – 9pm.

Queer Screen. We're queer, we're everywhere!

Queer Screen offers nationwide On Demand films during their festivals. They also go on tour, bringing the celebration of queer cinema and LGBTIQ+ stories wherever they can in Australia.

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