Qwire Many Voices All in Harmony

Canberra Qwire turns 30. The Qwire story began in 1993 when a small group met in a suburban garage filled with tools, gardening supplies and a whole lot of musical promise.

Make the perfect espresso martini at home

The Espresso Martini has become a prominent feature on the cocktail scene and is one of the most popular orders at bars and clubs around the world, including Australia, which is no surprise given our love of coffee.

Pronouns and why they are important

For many people, their pronouns are an essential part of who they are, and by using them, you’re doing your bit to make them feel validated and included.

Why Creativity Matters. An Art Therapy Perspective.

Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there... you know, it really doesn’t seem fair to be living for something I can’t even define, but there we are, right here in the meantime.

Photos: FUSE Winter Big Gay Breakfast

The FUSE Big Gay Winter Breakfast was held on a beautiful Canberra morning at the Stepping Stone Café at Strathnairn Arts in Holt.

Dictionary.com embraces gender-neutral terms

Dictionary.com embraces gender-neutral terms like 'they,' as well as hundreds of new words.

Conversion therapy ban fails

If Tasmania continues to drag its feet on banning Conversion Therapy, it risks becoming a haven for conversion practitioners who have been thrown out of the other Australian states. https://www.fusemagazine.com.au/lgbtiq-news-mobile/australia-lgbtiq-news/663-conversion-therapy-ban-fails.html

Venus Mantrap : Androgynous construct

Interview | Venus Mantrap
This edition of FUSE Magazine, we celebrate the achievements of a local Canberran hero and drag artist with a difference; you may have heard of them, the inimitable Venus Mantrap.
Theatre | King Lear

The subtle queering of King Lear

Prepare to see Shakespeare as you’ve never seen it before, as Echo Theatre’s electrifying new production promises to be a spectacle of otherworldly proportions.

Essential movies to watch this Summer 2023

FUSE Magazine film writer and movie buff Dwayne Lennoxs picks his movie highlights and must-sees for Summer 2023, including Saltburn, Maestro, Poor Things and our favourite All Of Us Strangers.
Interview | Judy Small

Judy Small : Queer Folk Music Pioneer

Folk Music Pioneer and LGBTIQ+ Advocate sings out with Pride! In the leadup to performing at the upcoming SpringOUT concert, David Blanco from FUSE spoke with Judy about community, music and her long relationship with Qwire.


'Pride in the Capital'

In this issue: Canberra pride festival guide. American LGBTIQ freedoms out of the window. Gender and King Lear. From Mardi Gras to SpringOUT, we catch up with Lynne OBrien. Venus Mantrap from Valley of the Molls. Canberra Qwire turns 30. Queer Buddhists. Dear Rose, Gay horoscopes, social photos and more.

Canberra, the Capital city of Australia, say its the most inclusive city in the country and has more to offer than just politics! It has a thriving LGBTIQ+ community, and plenty of gay friendly spaces spread around the city. Here's our guide to gay Canberra's queer scene.


Caution and Confidence for LGBTIQ+ Travellers in 2023

The most extensive queer travel research date spotlights the rising concerns surrounding personal safety and how active allyship in the travel industry contributes to increasing traveller confidence.

Milkshake Festival celebrates pride and diversity

Milkshake Festival is a multi-genre music festival in Amsterdam and has become a favourite of the capital.


Your ‘ideal’ body, and why you want it?

What makes an ideal body, and why do we want one so badly?

It's how big? What is a 'Normal' Penis Size?

Australians may be delighted to learn that Aussie men are very much average on the world stage when it comes to penis size. A wide range of penis and erections sizes are normal, and the size of your penis can depend on a number of factors.


Pronouns and why they are important

For many people, their pronouns are an essential part of who they are, and by using them, you’re doing your bit to make them feel validated and included.

Is Disney lacking diversity

The Mouse House with Locked Doors. Will Disney ever truly let us in? For young queer people, seeing themselves reflected back on the screen is crucial.

My Superman - A Millennial’s Musings on Marriage

Gay marriage is not about two people being gay: it’s about two people who love each other and who have decided to commit to each other for the exact same reasons any other couple would get married.

Acceptance = Happier LGBT people

If your sexual orientation is accepted by society you will be happier and more satisfied with your life.



Find what you want on the LGBTIQ DIRECTORY

The LGBTIQ DIRECTORY is a community focused project proudly published by FUSE Magazine and its partners.
For Sale | Melbourne

Bay Living with a Period Twist

Melbourne Bay Living in beualtiful Sandringham with a period twist. With its contemporary style enriched with a period twist, this apartment offers an unparalleled living experience by the bay. Whether you're relaxing in the vast living area, cooking in the modern kitchen, or enjoying the sea bre...

Foster carers

Have you ever thought about becoming a foster carer?

Foster carers come from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds, including those of any ethnic or cultural background and sexual orientation.

Would you like to review LGBTIQ+ books

FUSE Magazine is looking for a book reviewer. We'll supply the fabulous queer books and you supply the love and the words.

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