May 16, 2024

The Power of Queer Storytelling

If you have not heard of Samuel before, he is a super-talented queer Australian screenwriter, director and multidisciplinary visual artist based on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

May 15, 2024

Queer artist slected for Napier Waller Art Prize

 The Napier Waller Art Prize encourages artistic excellence, promotes the transformative power of creativity, and raises awareness of the experiences and talent of current and former service personnel in the Australian Defence Force.

May 14, 2024
Theatre Review

Fourteen, A Feel-Good Journey of Resilience & Self-Acceptance

We don't often give out stars for our theatre reviews, but in this case, 'Fourteen' gets a resounding  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars! Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to catch the performance of the critically acclaimed theatrical gem,' Fourteen,' adapted from Shannon Molloy's bestselling 2020 memoir, which was longlisted for the 2021 ABIA Biography Book of the Year.

May 1, 2024

Netflix’s 'Ripley'... mesmerising or charmless

News publisher Out claimed Scott’s Ripley for gayness. However, Scott’s own aspirations are more ambiguous, saying “he’s a queer character, in the sense that he’s very ‘other’.”

Apr 14, 2024

 I Just Don't Like You... A Love Story

SHORT FILM A hike puts a gay couple's relationship to the ultimate test. A day hike puts Jacob and Justin's relationship to the ultimate test. Will they make it off this deserted island? Are they lost in more ways than one? Is it game over for the couple? Is life a game? Does giving up mean losing it? IG: @i_just_dont_like_you_film

Apr 11, 2024

All of Us Strangers, a dark and twisty gay love story

On the surface, All of Us Strangers, directed by Andrew Haigh, is a dark and twisty love story. Underneath, there is the often-present storyline seen in queer cinema: that of trauma and tragedy. All of Us Strangers follows lonely middle-aged gay man Adam (Andrew Scott), struggling to come to terms with his tragic past and sexuality. Adam is a screenwriter, attempting to use his craft to work through his trauma, but his solitary life is interrupted by his new neighbour Harry (Paul Mescal). Through a dreamworld-like exploration, Adam experiences the companionship and love accepting his homo...

Apr 1, 2024

Bisexuality on Film & TV

Bisexuality is better depicted in TV than film, where it’s still linked to ‘transgression’. More films and TV shows featuring queer characters are being made than ever before. But while there has been great progress in depictions of gay, trans and gender-nonconforming characters, the B in LGBTQ+ – bisexuality – has struggled to make progress, notably in film.

Apr 1, 2024

Couch Potato - Queer Streaming Picks 2024

Start off your 2024 off with some queer desire, triumph and a few thrills! With our FUSE Magainze top four TV streaming picks, While The Men Are Away, NYAD, Cassandro and Fellow Travelers.

Mar 25, 2024
Interview | Venus Mantrap

Venus Mantrap : Androgynous construct

A self-described “androgynous construct”, Venus is a much-loved mainstay in Canberra’s LGBTIQ+ performance spaces. Their unique take on drag performance, merging elements of cabaret, performance art and comedy, has captivated Canberra audiences for over 15 years.

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