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FUSE Magazine has been one of Australia's most trusted and loved LGBTIQ+ publications for over 15 years. FUSE activities include our quarterly magazine, popular website and the LGBTIQ DIRECTORY along with a strong social media presence.

FUSE is a high-quality LGBTIQ+ lifestyle magazine printed quarterly and online. Each issue offers our readers a broad range of interesting and informative articles, features and photo spreads. Our content covers everything from entertainment to politics, news, fashion and grooming, fitness and health, arts and travel, reviews, pictorials and the social scene.

Fuse Magazine is distributed free to major shopping centres, theatres, nightclubs, bars, cafes, book and record stores, arts venues, education centres, libraries and selected businesses throughout Canberra and Sydney metropolitan areas. Our popular website is free for read by all.

Our readers by age

FUSE readers average age groups over 15 years of publishing.


    18 — 24 Years = 14%

    25 — 34 Years = 18%

    35 — 44 Years = 26%

    45 — 54 Years = 24%

    Over 55 Years = 18%


    18 — 24 Years = 22%

    25 — 34 Years = 30%

    35 — 44 Years = 25%

    45 — 54 Years =15%

    Over 55 Years = 8%



The FUSE website is popular and filled with engaging content. We get over 30K+ unique visits per month.



Our social media activity with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is creative, loved by our followers, and always growing.



We send our popular fortnightly EDM to our subscribers and followers, including news, features, events and more!



FUSE in print is available free throughout Canberra and in Darlinghurst / Surry Hills Sydney, Australia and worldwide in a digital format via issuu.

LGBTIQ+ Customer Research

  • Travel: 98% of queer people indicated that a destination’s LGBTIQ friendly reputation influenced their decision to visit there. Gallup.

  • Disposable Income: There is 23% higher median income in same-sex households compared to straight households. Prudential Research.

  • More Shopping: Same-sex households spend over $2K more per year on discretionary items than in straight households. ComScore.

  • Brand Loyal: LGBTIQ+ consumers prefer to purchase from companies and brands that advertise directly to them and support LGBTIQ community causes. Gallup.

  • Media: 74% of queer people said they read LGBTIQ+ publications in print or online on a regular basis. LGBT Network Research.

  • Music: Across all music channels, LGBT music fans show higher levels of engagement than their non-LGBT counterparts. Nielsen

  • Electronics: Gay men are twice as likely to keep up-to-date with new gadgets and appliances. ComScore.

  • Luxuries: Gay men and lesbians tend to be more focused on luxuries, leisure, entertainment and travel than their heterosexual counterparts. Pew Research Center.

Marketers are discovering that LGBTIQ+ consumers are resilient and focused — one of the really bright spots in the economy. In research we conducted, we saw that same-sex couples and gay men, in particular, are less likely than others to cut back on their discretionary spending. Same-sex households often are healthy indicators of smart shopping and spending.

Bob Witeck - Forbes

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