Help Save the Queen! After vanishing from sight for nearly a quarter-century, the 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' bus resurfaced, nestled in a paddock on a property in Ewingar, New South Wales.

Trans people are under attack, this is a test case for Australia

In the United States, animosity towards trans people is reaching fever pitch with 42 of the 50 states introducing laws that seek to limit trans people’s access to healthcare, participation in sport, use of bathrooms and serving in the military, as well as censoring education about gender identity.

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Germany passes new progressive transgender laws

Germany has approved a law aimed at simplifying the process for transgender individuals to change their legal gender identities.

More arrests. A new era of repression in Russia

A Russian court has ordered two gay men to be placed in custody, accusing them of roles in an “extremist organisation”, under new legislation criminalising the LGBTQ+ community.

Trump Endorses Pastor with Extremist Views for US Congress

Former US President Donald Trump has endorsed Mark Burns, the pastor that has previously called for the execution of LGBTQ+ "indoctrinators."

Greece Legalises Same-Sex Marriage

Greece has become the first Orthodox Christian country to legalise same-sex civil marriage, despite church and religious conservative opposition.

Capital of Equality - Mardi Gras 2024 (Photos)

The “Capital of Equality” float, beautifully embodied the essence of Canberra — a vibrant community residing in this wonderfully diverse Australian city.


Asbestos in mulch? Fair Day canceled. Here’s the risk!

Mulch containing asbestos was found in Vitoria Park, home have Mardi Gras Fair Day and 41 other locations across New South Wales, including Sydney parks, schools, hospitals, a supermarket and at least one regional site.

Russia's crackdown on queer folk continues

Russia's Supreme Court has ruled that LGBTIQ+ activists should be designated as "extremists". The courts have convicted individuals for displaying LGBTIQ material in public, including pride flags on social media and wearing rainbow earrings in public.

Iran is trying to eradicate queer people

Death or surgery? Thousands of queer Iranians are being forced to undergo gender reassignment every year. And many of them are children.

Photos: FUSE Winter Big Gay Breakfast

The FUSE Big Gay Winter Breakfast was held on a beautiful Canberra morning at the Stepping Stone Café at Strathnairn Arts in Holt.


Ever wondered what happens to your penis as you age?

Here’s what you can expect to happen to your penis as you age, and when to be concerned. Oh and.... There is no definitive evidence your penis length and girth will naturally change as you age, despite what you may read.
WORLD embraces gender-neutral terms embraces gender-neutral terms like 'they,' as well as hundreds of new words.

Conversion therapy ban fails

If Tasmania continues to drag its feet on banning Conversion Therapy, it risks becoming a haven for conversion practitioners who have been thrown out of the other Australian states.

CBR Pride Month Shoot 2023

For the second year, photographer Nathan J Lester celebrated Pride Month with a photoshoot outside Parliament House. While the day was about fun, pride, meeting friends and connecting with the queer community, Nathan says the shoot also helps draw attention to the LGBTIQ+ community and shows thei...


US Pastor smashes ‘EVIL’ Barbie House!

US Pastor smashes ‘EVIL’ Barbie House with Bible taped to baseball bat!

Born This Way, Yes You Are:-)

Lady Gaga Sings 'Born This Way' in Las Vegas for transgender rights. At her Jazz residency Gaga played one of her classic songs, but added a new dedication to it, making it even more powerful.
SpringOut 2023

Flag Raising as Canberra prepares for 'Pride in the Capital'

The Canberra LGBTIQ+ community prepares to raise the rainbow flag, marking the official start of the SpringOut festival 'Pride in the Capital.'

Grindr’s ultimatum backfires

Grindr has lost half its staff to strict return-to-work rules resulting in the layoff of 46% of its remote staff who refused to comply. This policy shift has raised concerns about its impact on the app's unique queer-friendly workplace culture.


Victorian police allegedly pretending to be non-binary

Victoria Police are investigating officers who allegedly pretended to be non-binary to claim extra clothing allowance. Reports of officers changing their profiles to 'gender neutral' surfaced in June, causing concern among police management.

France tackles STI's with free condoms

All young people in France now have access to free condoms in a bid to minimise the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Catholic nuns unite to support Transgender people

Over 6,000+ Catholic nuns have banned together the fight for trans rights, writing in an open letter that trans and non-binary people are beloved and cherished by God.

Canberra Mardi Gras Film Festival Photos

FUSE was thrilled to be this year’s regional sponsor for the 2023 Mardi Gras Film Festival On Tour, which was screened at the National Fim and Sound Archive.


Ever wondered what happens to your penis as you age?

Here’s what you can expect to happen to your penis as you age, and when to be concerned. Oh and.... There is no definitive evidence your penis length and girth will naturally change as you age, despite what you may read.

Charlie has an eating disorder, its common than you might think

Although under represented in research, statistics indicate one-third of people with an eating disorder are male and body image in guys is a major concern.

Find all the facts about HIV AIDS

What is human immunodeficiency virus? HIV attacks the body’s immune system, and if it is untreated it can lead to AIDS. Find all the facts about HIV AIDS, how to protect yourself and all about testing.

PrEP implant the next frontier in AIDS fight

Promise, perils and cautious optimism: the next frontier in long-acting modalities for the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS.

The Transgender Flag
Coming Out

I'm an older transgender struggling with loneliness

Dear Rose, After many difficult years, I have recently come out as a trans woman, and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable in my body. Being a person over 60, I’m struggling with isolation and loneliness. Where can I get some help? Tiffany
Coming Out

I'm Bi, should I come out of the closet?

Dear Rose, I’m a bi woman in a long-term heterosexual relationship. I’m out to my partner, but I’ve never actually been with another girl. I’ve recently started thinking about women again, but I’m worried that after three kids and not having talked about it for over 15+ years, it seems silly to b...
Relationships Question

Country bloke dating a city guy!

Dear Rose, I’m a country bloke, and I’ve recently started dating a city guy, and I want to introduce him to my family. They’re not openly homophobic but often very insensitive. Do you have any advice on handling this? Joey
Sexuality Question

I recently discovered I am bisexual

Dear Rose, I’m in my early 20s and recently discovered I am bisexual. Do you think this merits coming out? Lisa

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