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Protests forces council to overturn book ban

After heated debate and public protests, Cumberland City Council in Western Sydney has reversed a controversial ban on same-sex parenting books in its libraries. The decision was made with 12 votes in favor and two against, following four hours of intense discussion.

| Alice Elizabeth Wilson | Life & Wellbeing

How to creatively express ‘queer joy’ online

Alice Elizabeth Wilsonand her research group at the ESRC Digital Good Network are trying to establish ways for you and others to express ‘queer joy’ online creatively. Queer joy is a powerful emotion that sustains the fight for recognition and equality for LGBTQ+ people, especially in the face of challenges like gender-based violence and discrimination.

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Western Sydney Council's Bans Same-Sex Parenting Books

Initiated by former mayor and current councillor Steve Christou, the policy was adopted following a council vote that split narrowly in favor, with six councillors supporting the ban and five opposing it, while four were absent.

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Pride to polling in the India queer community

POLITICS From pride to polling booths, how will the Indian LGBTQI+ community vote? India’s LGBTQI community has long been considered a powerful voting bloc during general elections. While much has changed to end discrimination, this community says it feels let down by the BJP Government’s refusal to legislate same-sex marriage. NDIA VOTES 2024, presented by the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) is a six-episode series that takes you on an insightful journey through the heart of Indian democracy. While the Indian Prime Minister #NarendraModi is seeking a third term, a brand ...

| Lisa McClain | World News

Anglican's have deep fractures over homosexuality

In recent years, churches in many Christian denominations have split over LGBTQ+ issues. In the past six months, hundreds of congregations voted to leave the United Methodist Church over same-sex marriage and whether LGBTQ+ people should be clergy.

| Maxwell Elliff | Life & Wellbeing

The trouble with Ghosting

Social media and online dating apps have made looking for love and hooking up easy, but in many ways have made dating much harder and are most certainly the birthplace of ghosting. It’s time to talk about this practice, why people do it and why it's can be so damaging.

| Luke Brunning | Opinion

Problems with dating apps and can they be fixed?

Dating sites and apps have made it easier to find sexual and romantic partners, expanding the pool of potential mates to include the entire internet. About 24% of LGBTIQ people and 10% of heterosexual people have met their long-term partner online.

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Restoration Hopes for 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' Bus

Help Save the Queen! After vanishing from sight for nearly a quarter-century, the 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' bus resurfaced, nestled in a paddock on a property in Ewingar, New South Wales.

| Paula Gerber | Australian News

Trans people are under attack, this is a test case for Australia

In the United States, animosity towards trans people is reaching fever pitch with 42 of the 50 states introducing laws that seek to limit trans people’s access to healthcare, participation in sport, use of bathrooms and serving in the military, as well as censoring education about gender identity.

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Germany passes new progressive transgender laws

Effective from November 2024, a new progressive German law will allow trans people to self-disclose their gender identity through a simple form submission, eliminating the previous requirement for difficult psychiatric assessment and long court approvals.


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