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Protests forces council to overturn book ban

Cumberland City Council in Western Sydney has voted 12 members for and two to overturn a ban on same-sex parenting books from its libraries.


Western Sydney Council's Bans Same-Sex Parenting Books

Cumberland City Council in Western Sydney has enacted a controversial policy to remove books featuring same-sex parents from its libraries, triggering a fierce debate over censorship, discrimination, and community values. 


Restoration Hopes for 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' Bus

Help Save the Queen! History Trust SA has kickstarted an ambitious campaign to fund the meticulous restoration of the legendary bus immortalised in the 1994 Australian cinematic gem, "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."


Trans people are under attack, this is a test case for Australia

Around the world, the human rights of transgender people are under attack. Media reports of trans women being vilified, excluded and discriminated against are frequent, and the consequences of this rise in hatred towards trans people can be deadly.


Asbestos in mulch? Fair Day canceled. Here’s the risk!

Mulch containing asbestos was found in Vitoria Park, home have Mardi Gras Fair Day and 41 other locations across New South Wales, including Sydney parks, schools, hospitals, a supermarket and at least one regional site.


Conversion therapy ban fails

If Tasmania continues to drag its feet on banning Conversion Therapy, it risks becoming a haven for conversion practitioners who have been thrown out of the other Australian states.

SpringOut 2023

Flag Raising as Canberra prepares for 'Pride in the Capital'

The Canberra LGBTIQ+ community prepares to raise the rainbow flag, marking the official start of the SpringOut festival 'Pride in the Capital.'


Victorian police allegedly pretending to be non-binary

Victoria Police are investigating officers who allegedly pretended to be non-binary to claim extra clothing allowance. Reports of officers changing their profiles to 'gender neutral' surfaced in June, causing concern among police management.


Yarra Trams invites Victorians to vote on Pride Tram

The community has been invited to vote for the design that will appear on Yarra Tram’s next #AllAboard pride tram, which spreads the message that everyone is welcome on Victoria's iconic tram network.

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