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The Boyfriend: an innovative gay Japanese dating show

Netflix’s new reality show The Boyfriend has been making waves and starting conversations both inside and outside Japan as viewers follow the story of nine gay and bisexual male housemates who live and work together.


New Aussie gay thriller plays one-night only in Canberra

In The Room Where He Waits is the haunting debut gay film from award-winning local Australian filmmaker Timothy Despina Marshall.


Netflix’s 'Ripley'... mesmerising or charmless

Netflix’s Moody Fresh Take! The eight-episode adaptation, an Italy-set black-and-white thriller about the gay eponymous grifter turned sociopath. Depending on whom you ask, 'Ripley' is either “mesmerizing” or “charmless”.


 I Just Don't Like You... A Love Story

A day hike puts Jacob and Justin's relationship to the ultimate test. Will they make it off this deserted island? Are they lost in more ways than one? Is it game over for the couple?


All of Us Strangers, a dark and twisty gay love story

On the surface, All of Us Strangers, directed by Andrew Haigh, is a dark and twisty love story. Underneath, there is the often-present storyline seen in queer cinema: that of trauma and tragedy.


Bisexuality on Film & TV

In recent years, TV shows have started to explicitly state a character’s sexuality, either in dialogue or through a coming out scene. Christina Wilkins, Lecturer in Film and Creative Writing, asks it is bisexuality better depicted on TV than in the film?


Couch Potato - Queer Streaming Picks 2024

FUSE Magazine film writer and movie buff Dwayne Lennoxs picks his TV highlight to start off your 2024 with queerness, desire, triumph and a few thrills!


Three wonderful films about same-sex marriage

Christina Wilkins, who is a lecturer in Film and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham, writes about her favourite three films that celebrate equal love.

MGFF 2024

Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024 Teasers

Check below for a sneak peek at the incredible cinematic journey awaiting you at the Mardi Gras Film Festival 2024. On tour nationally.

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