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How to creatively express ‘queer joy’ online

A creative life is an amplified life. Alice Elizabeth Wilson is part of a research group looking at queer joy and the ways it is expressed online.


The trouble with Ghosting

Let’s get spooky because it’s time to talk about the practice of Ghosting, why people do it and why it's such a damaging practice.

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Sex and its role in Happy Relationships

Sex matters in your relationship! There are many ways of being close with others, but sex with a partner who knows you intimately is often a much more passionate and connecting experience. Sex may seem like it’s purely a physical activity, but it also has a large emotional aspect to it as well.

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With any type of marriage divorce can happen

Relationships can be hard at times. They need work while we navigate each other’s habits and attitudes in life and find our common ground. As they say, ‘opposites attract’! It is often our differences with stuff, including our money management and style which can cause real friction and frustration.

Health, Sex & Wellbeing

The rise in LGBTQ+ romance literature?

Once upon a time, romance novels from major U.S. publishers featured only heterosexual couples. Today, the five biggest publishers regularly release same-sex love stories.


What you need to know about getting married

Love knows no bounds, and in Australia, marriage is a celebration of that boundless love. This comprehensive LGBTIQ+ guide explores who can get married in Australia.


Why Creativity Matters. An Art Therapy Perspective.

Art is why I get up in the morning, but my definition ends there... you know, it really doesn’t seem fair to be living for something I can’t even define, but there we are, right here in the meantime.


The gentle art of transforming failure

We all fall over; it’s OK. To ‘fall over’ is a popular expression to convey the idea of not achieving the desired outcome or not meeting expectations in a particular endeavour. Learn the gentle art of transforming failure and your life.

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Is your household in financial stress?

Tips for financial wellness during tough times. Financial wellness refers to being in control of your financial life and having the ability to meet current and future needs.

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