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Ever wondered what happens to your penis as you age?

Here’s what you can expect to happen to your penis as you age, and when to be concerned. Oh and.... There is no definitive evidence your penis length and girth will naturally change as you age, despite what you may read.


Charlie has an eating disorder, its common than you might think

Although under represented in research, statistics indicate one-third of people with an eating disorder are male and body image in guys is a major concern.


Find all the facts about HIV AIDS

What is human immunodeficiency virus? HIV attacks the body’s immune system, and if it is untreated it can lead to AIDS. Find all the facts about HIV AIDS, how to protect yourself and all about testing.


PrEP implant the next frontier in AIDS fight

Promise, perils and cautious optimism: the next frontier in long-acting modalities for the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS.


Italian coffee 'cuts prostate cancer risk'

Coffee is brewed from beans that contain antioxidants, which are thought to have a protective effect against cancer.


Does having sex count as exercise?

Bottom line. Evidence varies on the number of calories burned during sex, but a safe estimate is 3 to 4 calories per minute. Sex also has many other health benefits beyond burning calories.


Life-Saving Game Changer for Transgender, Non-Binary & Intersex people

Cancer is probably one of the most dreaded words you can hear from your doctor. It’s a major cause of illness, and over one million people in Australia are either living with or have lived with cancer.


Highly virulent HIV found in the Netherlands

A new HIV variant with higher virulence and more damaging health impacts has been discovered in a study led by the University of Oxford.


Mental health and coronavirus

Is COVID-19 causing anxiety and depression? Mental illness results in physical changes as well changes in thinking, feelings and behaviours.

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