Tony Abbott jets to US to address anti-gay movement

Fresh from giving new hope to disaffected conservative Liberals by staying in federal politics, Tony Abbott will fly to the US to gee-up one of the religious right's most reactionary anti-gay group — the Alliance Defending Freedom.

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A trans airline passenger forced to remove prosthetic

A transgender airline passenger was forced to remove a genital prosthetic and present it for inspection in a "demeaning" encounter that adds to calls for an overhaul of unnecessary security at Australian airports. 

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Gonorrhea may soon be untreatable

Concerns that gonorrhea may become "untreatable" due to growing antibiotic-resistance has led Britain's chief medical officer, to reportedly write to doctors and pharmacies across Britain to sound the alarm.  The STI is increasingly caused by strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae that resist antibiotic treatment.

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Firefighters hotter than ever!

VIDEO : We all know that the Aussie Fire Fighters do an amazing job and now they want you to take them home and hang there very hot selves on your wall. The Annual Firefighters Calendar, which was established in 1993 raises funds for the Children’s Hospital Foundation and the Westmead Children’s Hospital Burns unit.

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