Ireland's first gay prime minister

"If my election today shows anything, it is that prejudice has no hold in this Republic." Ireland's governing Fine Gael party has elected Leo Varadkar as its new leader, choosing the gay, 38-year-old son of an Indian immigrant to succeed Enda Kenny as prime minister in a striking sign of the country's rapid social change.

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Gay DIDGERIDOO porn outrage

What where they thinking? A gay porn studio -  US-based studio - has sparks massive outrage over their latest gay porn film 'Didgeridoo Me' showing men having a sex with a DIDGERIDOO. It's been branded racist incredibly disrespectful and culturally offensive to Australian Aborigines.

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Trump's religious liberty executive order

Trumps latest executive 'religious liberty' order starts a slipmery slop for LGBT rights in the USA. Trump campaigned on being a "real friend" to the gay community, but several LGBT rights organisations said the religious liberty executive order he signed Thursday could open the doors for more discrimination against gay Americans.

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Italian coffee 'cuts prostate cancer risk'

Good news for men who love coffee, a new study suggests drinking more than three cups of Italian-style coffee can halve a man's risk of prostate cancer. Drinking Italian-style coffee could significantly reduce a man's risk of prostate cancer, according to a new study by the Laboratory of Translational Medicine.

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Undetectable Sex Is Safer Sex!

“We are not dirty, we are not a threat, and we are not disease vectors.” Dr. Richard Wolitski, director of the Office for HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services told the crowd at the US Conference on AIDS, talking about HIV+ men with undetectable viral loads.

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Listerine gargle to slow gonorrhoea

Listerine gargle every day helps to slow spread of gonorrhoea, study finds. Researchers at Melbourne clinic conduct clinical trial and say mouthwash a cheap and effective control measure. Daily rinsing and gargling with a commercial brand of mouthwash could help control the spread of gonorrhoea.

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