Labor promises same-sex marriage

Labor vows to ditch the ridiculously expensive plebiscite! Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has promised legalising same-sex marriage would be the Labor government's first priority in Parliament, while stepping up warnings over Coalition cuts to Medicare and suggesting a 15% GST could be back on the table.

I don't accept the proposition we'll run an honourable second in this election ... what happens after the election if we don't win, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  Opposition Leader Bill Shorten

But Mr Shorten was accused of an apparent over-reach on Tuesday when he claimed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had suggested the Coalition would not be bound by election campaign promises.

Mr Turnbull's said that "what political parties say they will support and oppose at one time is not necessarily what they will do", which the Opposition Leader portrayed as an apparent gaffe and "defining moment in this campaign".

Labor rushed out a TV ad to support Mr Shorten's claim, linking it to Labor's ongoing Medicare scare campaign and the prospect of a rise in the GST to 15 per cent.

But the Prime Minister's comment was, in fact, a reference to Labor's sudden decision to backflip and dump its opposition to the axing of the School Kids' Bonus earlier in the election campaign.

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