Cape Town

Cape Town No1 Gay Travel Destination

Two Gay Expats have declared Cape Town as the No.1 gay travel destination for 2024.With gorgeous beaches, wild gay nights out and fantastic food it may be time to pack your bags!
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Cape Town No1 Gay Travel Destination

The Two Gay Expats have announced their Top 5 Best Gay Travel Destinations in 2024, with Cape Town as Number One with its gorgeous beaches, wild gay nights out, and fantastic food. 

South Africa is considered one of the most friendly countries in the world, and Cape Town is considered the most gay-friendly city in Africa, along with gay Johannesburg. The South African government legalised equal marriage in 2006, becoming the first African country (and fifth in the world) to do so.

(Photo Above : Gay City Trip to Cape Town | Couple of Men – A Gay Travel Blog)

The Two Gay Expats 'Top Gay Destinations for 2024 include places with dazzling beaches, incredible nightlife, and some awesome adventure opportunities. Plus they throw in plenty of bonus ideas and travel tips to help you plan an epic year of travel!


Andy and Trai, a gay couple traveling the world with PRIDE 🌈  …and their rescue dog, Pattie!

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