Do you have sweating problems?

Ever been embarrassed about excessive sweating? Worried about stains in your underarm areas? Can’t wear the clothes you want to?

Sweat doctors

Does your sweating affect your confidence at work and your relationships? Tired of using sprays and creams that don’t work.

You are not alone. Sweating is a normal function. Most of us sweat normally to maintain our body temperature, but sometimes it can become disordered and troublesome.

Hyperhidrosis – or excessive sweating – is a common condition, and impacts on the quality of life of those who live with it. The underarm region is the most common, but this also affects the palms and feet, as well as the face and head regions. Occasionally, this can be caused by a medical disorder, so it is important that you are assessed by a medical practitioner.

Our team of specialist neurologists can assess you and tailor a treatment to suit your needs. We have a range of options, and this may include highly effective and acceptable injectable dermal therapy for which you may qualify for a rebate under Medicare/PBS.

Don’t suffer in silence – come in for an assessment with the professionals.

To find out more or to make an appointment, call Sydney North Neurology on 02 82871900 or SweatDoctors (Australia-wide) on 1800 321987..

We are located in Naremburn in North Sydney and have clinics interstate.

See for details. All visits will require a doctor’s referral.

Article by Dr Karl Ng for Sydney North Neurology and Neurophysiology
Dr Karl Ng, MBBS (Hons 1) PhD FRCP FRACP CCT (Clin Neurophys)
Conjoint Assoc. Professor - The University of Sydney
Neurologist | Director Neurophysiology | Senior Staff Specialist | Royal North Shore Hospital

Tags: Womens Health, Mens Health

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