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'Queers' - A memorable and moving evening of intimate theatre

It's a Hit! On Valentine's Day evening, the ACT Hub's Causeway Hall hosted the much-anticipated premiere of Everyman Theatre's latest production, "Queers."
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lex Hoskison in The Man on the Platform by Mark Gatiss. Photo by Janelle Macmenamin

Everyman Theatre in Canberra opened its critically acclaimed production 'Queers' at the Old Causeway Hall on Valentine's Day — it's an unequivocal hit that's not to be missed!

Queers is a memorable and moving evening of intimate theatre. - David Blanco FUSE Magazine
Everyman Theatre's production of this remarkable stage experience offered an intimate, emotional, and unforgettable journey brought to life by a talented ensemble of seven local actors.

Through a series of monologues, "Queers" commemorate significant moments in Britain's century-long quest for LGBTQIA equality. Transforming the venue into the cozy confines of a British ale house, the Prince's Arms, the production envelops the audience in an immersive experience.

Performers intermingle with patrons, delivering their poignant narratives amidst the pub's warm ambience. Notably, Patrick Galen-Mules delivers a standout performance in the monologue "A Grand Day Out," portraying teenage Andrew's warmly humorous account of his involvement in a 1994 protest against Britain's Age of Consent laws.

Under the skilful direction of Jarrad West and Steph Roberts, "Queers" captivates audiences with its emotional depth and resonance. This production not only celebrates pivotal milestones in LGBTQIA history but also serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing journey towards inclusivity and acceptance.

Queers, Curated by Mark Gatiss is showing 14-24 February 2024  at the ACT Hub at Causeway Hall.

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