COVID19 home workout

Gyms closed, social distancing in place and working from home? Things we can also be mindful of and do at home is a COVID 19 workout!

Self-motivation can be super hard during these times but taking a few minutes out of your self-isolation day helps to keep our bodies and minds active and healthy! When working out I stay away from times or rep counts as everybody is at a different level and capacity in terms of gross motor skills, try taking each rep slow and controlled, once you feel “The burn” aka fatigue starts to set in, push out 2-3 more reps, this way your are saving your body from injury. Remember, the only person you are competing against is the better version of yourself.

Enjoy these six exercises that you can do at home, alone, with your housemates and/or loved ones. Remember to keep safe, stay inside, and most of all, have fun.


1. Handstand pushups solo or with a partner

push ups

You can do these in full plank or on your knees, making sure that your hips are in alignment with your shoulders, your glutes (Booty) is squeezed and engaged, you can choose wide or narrow elbow placement as shown below if joining with your partner high 5 each other on the way up alternating from right to left! Of course, don't forget to wash your hands!

2. Static drop lunges solo or with a partner

drop lunges

Standing in parallel alignment (feet hip-width apart) keeping your chest up, place one leg back into a lunge, making sure you are stacking your entire body in straight alignment and slowly lunging down, concentrating on centring your body the whole time. For a challenge and fun you can do this with your partner as seen below. Remember to stay within your limits and trust when your body is telling you you’ve had enough.

3. Abdominal throw down with partner or alphabet abs

Abdominal throwdown

Laying on the floor with your spine pushed into the floor to eliminate an arched back, grab onto your partner's ankles and throw your legs up towards them, they will then throw them down to the floor, repeat this until you feel like you can't do anymore and then push out 2-3 more reps. Remember to keep your legs straight and zero arch in the back. Note to partner throwing to soften your knees, if you lock your legs and your partner pulls, you will just end un awkwardly falling forward, and that kind of work out is for later!

-Alphabet abs are sure fun, lay flat on your back with your spine pressed into the floor and your hands facing up towards the roof, so you aren't tempted to cheat and push out of them into the floor. Wright, the alphabet in capital letters with your legs keeping your knees straight, see how far you can get and set goals for yourself during your isolation time.

4. Dips with a raised surface


This exercise is super easy, and you can use any structural surface in your household, the couch, your bed or a chair. Keeping your hands parallel with fingers facing forward, squeeze your elbows into the side of your body and bend your knees at a right degree angle slowly dip your glutes down towards the floor and then slowly pushing back up to your starting position. If you’re wanting a challenge, try this with your legs extended out straight ensuring your hips stay up and in alignment with your legs as much as possible. Once again set realistic reps here, continue exercise until you feel your body start to fatigue and then push out 2-3 more reps.

5. Handstand push-ups with a raised surface


Handstands can be very intimidating, and they don't have to be, taking a raised surface once again, place your knees raised up and your hands flat and firmly on the floor, keeping your hand's shoulder-width apart and fingers spaced out and facing forward, slowly lower yourself to the floor and then push back up, ensure your hips are in alignment with your shoulders and hands, we call this technique stacking. Ensuring the whole body is in alignment because a straight handstand is a strong handstand. For a challenge, try this in a pike position (Legs extender straight) remembering to keep up and over your hands in straight alignment.

6. Wall sit

wall sit

This exercise is awesome for you multitaskers out there; you can practically do anything while you wall sit, check your emails, snap your friends, browse Grindr. Pushing your back firmly into a structural wall, square your hips and feet into alignment and bend your knees down, so you are making a box/square with the bottom part of your body.

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