Good News! Thailand recognises same-sex marriage

Thailand is set to become the first Southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage after the Senate approved a marriage equality bill.
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Thailand recognises same-sex marriage

The bill passed with 130 votes in favour and only four against. Although it still needs the king’s endorsement, this is considered a formality, and the law will take effect 120 days after being published in the royal gazette. Thailand will be the third place in Asia to allow same-sex marriage, following Taiwan and Nepal.

Panyaphon Phiphatkhunarnon of the Love Foundation praised the bill as a significant advancement for LGBTQ+ rights in Thailand, emphasizing its potential to improve lives and promote a more equitable society. The legislation grants LGBTQ+ couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples, including inheritance, adoption, and healthcare decision-making.

Bangkok residents Pokpong Jitjaiyai and Watit Benjamonkolchai expressed their excitement about marrying once the law is enacted, highlighting the cultural shift toward acceptance. Pokpong hopes the bill will inspire other countries to follow suit.

The bill’s passage marks a notable achievement for LGBTQ+ rights, supported by all major political parties.

Previous attempts to legalise same-sex marriage had stalled, but Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin of the Pheu Thai Party had pledged to bring the bill to parliament.

Srettha, who participated in Pride Month celebrations, has positioned Thailand as an inclusive destination for LGBTQ+ people and aims to host World Pride in 2030.

Despite Thailand’s progress, LGBTQ+ rights remain limited in much of Southeast Asia, where discrimination and legal challenges persist.

Countries like Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, and China continue to face significant hurdles in recognizing and protecting LGBTQ+ rights.

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