MGFF | 3-6 April

Mardi Gras Film Festival comes to Canberra!

This year’s film lineup will include Femme, Kokomo City, Best of Gay Shorts, Best of Sapphic Shorts, Sunflower, Best of Trans & Gender Diverse Shorts and Days of Happiness.
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Mardi Gras Film Festival On Tour 2024

FUSE is absolutely thrilled to be this year’s media sponsor again for the 2024 Mardi Gras Film Festival On Tour, which will be showing at the National Fim and Sound Archive in Canberra from 3 – 6 April.

This year’s film lineup will include Femme, Kokomo City, Best of Gay Shorts, Best of Sapphic Shorts, Sunflower, Best of Trans & Gender Diverse Shorts and Days of Happiness.



Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Benjamin, QSFF19) and George MacKay (Pride, QSFF14) are phenomenal in this acclaimed neo-noir thriller about internalised homophobia and the limits of queer resilience.

Jules’ entire life falls apart after he’s the victim of a violent gay bashing whilst in drag. Months later, a vulnerable Jules spots his attacker at a gay sauna. When it becomes clear the deeply-closeted Preston doesn’t recognise him out of drag, Jules makes a split-second decision to pursue him, setting in motion a tense game of cat and mouse. As he dives deeper into Preston’s world of power plays, drug dealing and performative masculinity, how far is Jules willing to go to get revenge?

Content warning: contains depictions of homophobic violence and revenge porn themes

National Fim and Sound Archive
Wed, Apr 3, 7:00pm


Kokomo City

Sundance-winning documentary Kokomo City opens with a bang and never lets its foot off the gas as it boldly explores the lives of four Black trans sex workers – and the men who love them.

Trans director D. Smith’s exciting debut moves from the intimacy of the bedroom to the enmity of the street as its subjects recount hilarious anecdotes, talk politics and hold their own community accountable in equal measure. A Greek chorus of lovers, clients and potential suitors provide frank commentary, but the film never loses sight of the inspiring trans women at its heart – Liyah, Daniella, Dominique and the late Koko Da Doll. The end result pulsates with energy and bawdy humour, creating an unforgettable portrait of the modern Black, trans experience in all its complexity.

Content warning: contains discussions of sexual violence and transphobic violence.

National Fim and Sound Archive
Thu, Apr 4, 6:30pm


Best of Gay Shorts

Exploring tales of desire, self actualisation and friendship with both heart and humour, this package collects the best gay shorts from MGFF24.

Idiot Fish — On the road to holidays, Jimmy and Guillaume replay their first meeting. Jimmy becomes a lost hitchhiker, Guillaume a lonely driver. They will pretend they don’t know each other anymore, in order to play to meet and seduce each other again. Until a third player joins the game…

You Can Stay Over (If You Want) — If Alex sleeps over, he’d have to tell his hook-up something about himself that’s usually a dealbreaker.

Testing — When a young gay man suspects he has an STI and goes in for testing, he discovers the older man he recently slept with is a doctor at the clinic.

Merman — The Life and Times of Andre Chambers, also knows as Merman, is about a 58 year-old Black queer man sharing his life as an emergency nurse, leather title holder and civil rights advocate.

After Sunset, Dawn Arrives — In the early 2000s, Los Angeles, introverted and unsociable 65 year-old Wan falls in love with a man who is nearly 30 years his junior and struggles to embrace his homosexuality, which he had suppressed his entire life, while also confronting his guilt towards his deceased wife

Say Uncle — Say Uncle tells story of estranged friends Jake and Drew, who reunite because Drew is hoping Jake might offer up some of his sperm for a baby.

Come Clean — A young man struggling with OCD white-knuckles his way through a Grindr hook-up and makes a mess of things.

Content warnings:  contains racial slurs and depictions of misgendering

National Fim and Sound Archive
Thu, Apr 4, 8:30pm


Best of Sapphic Shorts

Tales of long overdue reunions and unexpected meet-cutes punctuate this excellent collection of the best sapphic shorts MGFF24 had to offer.

My Old Gals — Two eldery women reunite after 50 years to go on one final trip together and fight for the feelings they once shared.

Cusp — As the dust settles on her goodbye party, Nora must face her best friend Maude and come to terms with what it means to leave her other half behind.

Longing — On the night before her flight home, a Malaysian woman with a secret finds herself on an impromptu date with another woman.

Dead Lesbians — As she prepares for a first date, Isabelle is pestered by the apparition of Dorothy Ainsworth, a chain-smoking, well-spoken, long-since deceased author of 1950s lesbian pulp novels. Isabelle is grappling with ‘dead lesbian syndrome’ and resents Dorothy for perpetuating it in her writing.

Across the Street — A teen attempts to befriend her crush who lives across the street. However, the only time they see each other is the brief walk from the front door to their cars on their way to school.

Give It to Me — On the advice of her therapist, a young woman hires a sex worker to help recreate – and recover from – a traumatic experience in this comedic short.

Queen Size — This morning, Marina has an appointment with Charlie to sell her a mattress. This evening, she will cancel her plane for Reunion. But they don’t know that yet.

National Fim and Sound Archive
Fri, Apr 5, 6:30pm



Leo is a 17-year-old growing up in a working-class suburb of Melbourne. He’s into the usual things: playing sports, goofing off with his best mate Boof, and dealing with the affections of his female classmates. However, Leo is also questioning his sexuality, and he’s terrified of what might happen if anyone (especially his parents) discovers his secret. This tender coming-of-age drama is an atmospheric and touching exploration of a time in our lives when everything – anger, love, shame – feels overwhelming.

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Content warning: contains depictions of homophobia and homophobic violence.

National Fim and Sound Archive
Fri, Apr 5, 8:30pm


Best of Trans & Gender Diverse Shorts

Trans filmmakers continue to lead the way in telling compelling and innovative stories, in this collection of trans and gender diverse shorts.

The Talent — On the set of a luxury car commercial, an overlooked assistant seizes his chance to get noticed by the star. Filmed on a Virtual Production Stage, The Talent is a tense exploration of masculinity, desire and becoming, starring non-binary Golden Globe nominee Emma D’Arcy. 

The Robbers — Three trans women meet in a country house to plan a robbery. The trick of the heist is that, in order to create a false trail, they disguise themselves as men. While they share everyday life as a well-established team and lovers, they practice speaking in a deep voice, walking manly and behaving in a masculine manner.

(In)convenience — An unexpected love story develops over a box of tampons between Phoebe, a mini-mart cashier, and Kirby, a guy in transition.

Scaring Women At Night — Two strangers are scared on a late walk home. As they try to escape one another, their worlds collide at an intersection forcing them to question who they’re afraid of and why.

Grandma Bruce — Grandma Bruce is a magical short comedy about a queerdo (they/them) whose old car comes to life with the spirit of their judgmental Jewish grandmother, a backseat driver from the ever after.

Dismantle Me — A comical proposition turns into an arousing powerplay when a smouldering-hot trans woman helps a heartbroken trans man tidy his messy bedroom.

Adore — While a family party echoes in the distance, a game of dress up descends into chaos when Luci’s protective instincts clash with her young nephew’s desire for freedom. 

Content warning: c ontains depictions of BDSM.

National Fim and Sound Archive
Sat, Apr 6, 6:30pm


Days of Happiness

Emma is a talented up-and-coming conductor on the Montreal classical scene who faces the tough decision of sacrificing family and love for success in this emotionally captivating drama.

Managed by her overbearing father Patrick, she’s also navigating a new relationship with cellist and single mother Naelle. Caught in the conundrum of career versus love versus family, Emma must come to grips with her emotions and finally choose if she will follow the status quo or finally live by her own terms. 

Premiering at Toronto International Film Festival to wide acclaim and featuring gripping classical set pieces, comparisons to Tár are inevitable, but this is an entirely different telling of a lesbian conductor’s journey to self-realisation.

Content warning: contains emotional abuse themes.

“A rich character study with intelligent writing, stunning musical composition, and a captivating lead performance.” – Film Inquiry

National Fim and Sound Archive
Sat, Apr 6, 8:30pm


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